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 - Mike Heymans


Mike Heymans is a multi-genre electronic dance music producer hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. He started DJing when he was 16 in his home town of Tampa, FL. Throughout his high school and college career, Mike played drums professionally and toured with a metal and a jazz group. In to his 3rd year of college his bands fell apart and he quit both, school and DJing, to founder a recording studio where he gained most of his production skills and understanding of audio engineering. After a few years, Mike moved to Oakland, CA where his studio went bust and he was left broke and alone squatting in a broken down commercial building in downtown Oakland. After reviewing his options, he decided that he could get a job in the software industry and began working for a fortune 500 web company where he learned a thing or two about making software. In late 2011, Mike decided to re-enter the music scene and started producing electronic music seriously. He combines his knowledge of audio engineering, sound design, and software development to create new sounds that he incorporates in to his music production.