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 - Michelle Espino


Artist Bio Michelle Espino began his career as a vocalist with influences in the music that is passionate about the circuit, looking for their own style she proves that her voice barely cultivated for singing, has the potential to keep making hits.Certainly possessing a sensual voice and this being who characterized the mood of the music has already participated in several original tracks, starting with young producer Axel Martinez, who was released an EP with the original track "Fuck Me" counting remixes by renowned DJs like Angel Ceja, John Dee, and MixtliBeat Sloovan Oskar.Other tracks like Njoy!, I want to dance, I'm A Fucking Insane, I'm Tennager, Sensual Music, Come Dancing, these Beats Feel, Feel my Mind, Take the Lead, Aggressive Beats and Liverpool 100 work with DJ & producer Guillermo Franco's repertory, the latter being coupled with one more track sales track on Beatport and recognized official club Zona Rosa with the same name.Continuing with more projects, his last venture with another talented Dj & Producer and Dirty Puma track "Every Time I Think Of You" again placed in the public taste, as it launches this time as a writer, putting all your feelings deep letters. After great success this track culminates in a new EP with remixes of Axel telling Martinez, Edson Zamora, Luis Romero, Angel Dash & Patiño Reyt and after the welcome answer to this dumbbell again surprises us with "You" theme that made the skin curl with another EP signed again with the Spanish label "Housearth Records", his next production "Without You" a theme rather than our breath away. For her, the dream has just begun.