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 - Mariano Laffabrick


Mariano Laffabrick was born in the city of Puerto Montt in Chile on December 6, 1989. He began his career as a DJ in October 2009 led from the start by the sounds of underground Techno, a few months since it's inception has participated in numerous events and festivals along the country sharing the stage with the best DJ's in the area and the capital. Today his sound is focused on the finest of House, Dub Techno and Deep House, his sets always accompanied by a lot of groove, sophisticated sounds and warmth. With less than a year has already been established as one of the best exponents of Undergrouns music in the south.July 15, 2011 inaugurated his career as a music producer, during the same year also is called important interviews on programs related to the electronic scene and invited to the most prestigious clubs in the country. In 2012 reach the consolidation of his carreer playing in front of 5.000 people in Suntrip Festival and traveling trough many cities demostrating their talent.Mariano Laffabrick today is one of the most promising young talents in the south of Chile. Clear- minded and with many expectations of a purely professional future within the broader world of electronic music.