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Marcus got interested in electronic music very early. He started as a DJ and producer mid 2000s.In 2009, he reached the final of a French DJ contest, thanks to which he could perform more often inclubs and obtain a residency in “le Seven”.As a producer , mainly inspired by artists such as Nicky Romero, Fedde le Grand, Hardwell and theBingo Players, he released a first remix of Dario Delvegez’s “Panama” in 2010 on the Swiss LabelBoltongroove Records : this remix was quickly supported by Tom Snare, Michael Calfan, and JulienCreance.A few months later, two original productions followed: “Confused” and “Mallow” on the Italian LabelDynamiks Records. They got a lot of success and broadcasting there.Willing to get more experience, and to obtain some kind of recognition, he now turns to the Frenchaudiences, reknown as specialist in electronic music, and starts on Superthanks Records (Joys Prod.) with two track entitled “Titan” & "Electroshock" supported by Bob Sinclar, Danny Wild and Adrien Toma. End of 2012 it remix Alexdoparis with his track "Hot Kilt" and receives the support of Christian Sims!In 2013 The DJ producer signed a vocal production called "Into My World", with sensual as well as powerful melodies and tones, on a strong instrumentals as he's always composed them ! Remixes by the Italian DJ Daniel Chord, Damien N Drix and Alexdoparis complete the pack with personality and strenght.


Cycling Sport Sounds, Vol. 2
Andrew Spencer, Red 5, Porter Robinson, The Glitterboys, Nastytunez, Dr. Kucho!, Sunrider, DiscoBastardz, Clubsukkerz, Turner, PDJ, Earl, Indygo, Antoine Montana, Pat Lawson, Electro Pumpin, Geeno Fabulous, Young Sixx, Kendy, Suite 610, Rob Estell, Chico Del Mar, DJ Base, Kishin, DJ Diavolo, Tony Dynamite, Calabria, Stereoliner, South Blast!, Vinylrockerz, DJ Saphire Project, Disco Deejays, Candy Sandy, Ella Tyler, Sven Laakenstyk, Crazy Z Projects, Cirque Du Freak, Souleye, Sodad, Rough Edit, Maylena, White, Manuel Lauren, Krafft DJ Team, DJ Tax, Earl & Turner, Joss Dominguez, Kdeeja, Daylight, Alan Pride, Microchip, Tian Winter, Fr33m4n, Rascal MC, Ron Ravolta, Damion Davies, Virus, D.F.P., Brisby & Jingles, Alex Oskin, Klangweber, Vinylriders, Wittendoerfer, Roomworks, Steve Smoke, Sandy Candide, The Mass Brothers, DJ Ruub, Bassive, Philipp Kox, D-JMC, Dancefire, Vitamaniac, Laera, DJ Limano, Audioshackers, Steven Sanders, Michele Cimino DJ, DJ Knut, Gaetano Fabri, Smith, Mike, Hornyshakerz, Ya Funk, Hilda7, I Gotika, Eric Chase, Hans O Matic, Amsterdam Funk, Eddy Hard, DiscoBastardz, Kid Alexx, Sunrider, Marcus, Schulz, Funkk Frikz, Club DJ Team, Stereoliner, Sven Laakenstyk, Ne!tan, Little-H, Vinylrockerz, Bootmasters Classic, Mezzo, Soulfunky, Rob Estell, Ron Ravolta, Calabria, Les Domaines, Only Jack Jones, Cuba Club, Turner, Earl, Ortega, Gold, Pete Sunset, Sincinaty, Jake Johnson, Steve Kid, Aboutblank, KLC, Martijn Kuilema, 2phaze, Zombies For Money, Igness, Electro Foundation, DJ Vega Revival, Oscar De La Fuente, Maxx Gattano, Drunk, Brilliant's Maximus, Shazalakazoo, DJ Sakin, El Baile
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