Key Commands
 - M.E.L.T.


M.E.L.T’s unique sound is a combination of crisp drums, melodic sparkling leads, and upfront synths that will grind, crunch, growl, and t ickle t he pallet of even t he most refined dance music connoisseurs.This trademark sound has earned him a spot on TrueSpin Recordings (Vancouver, CAN), Monkey Dub Recordings (Montreal, CAN), and the mighty Breakz R Boss Recordings (Calgary, CAN) nominated for best new label at Breakspoll 2012 and host to some of the top broken beat producers from around the globe.With a brand new single titled Dirty Sex forthcoming on Breakz R Boss Recordings, and remixes forthcoming for Wax Hands UK, Alan Flava, and TYLER via TrueSpin Records, M.E.L.T. is quickly becoming a staple in North America’s flourishing EDM community.