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 - Lucky One


lucky one is a Belgium based indie-electro producer. Playing guitar for 20 years and electronic music for 8 years, he started his solo project in 2005. lucky one produces Independent Electronic Music, not trying to stick to a genre, but freely mixing elements from a large range of indie, pop, rock and electronic influences.lucky one has a deep passion and never ending curiosity about alll the elements composing (good) music; Words like sound, groove, harmony, melodies, arrangement... all hide unknown worlds with exotic rules. Understanding, following and breaking these rules always create new ideas and the urge to create new tracks. On the other side, technology and sound engineer techniques are his preferred tools to realize these ideas and find additional inspiration.One interesting area of lucky one’s productions that help him stand out from the crowd is his ability to play and record guitar and combine natural sounds with electronic textures to create his own take on EDM.His main influences are well-known names such as Amon Tobin, Modeselektor, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Extrawelt and Max Cooper, but also unsigned artists from the SoundCloud community. It is through SoundCloud and other Internet communities that lucky one could meet many producer buddies from different countries and work on diverse collaborations and remixes.lucky one explores many different genres, from Chill-out to Electro-House. But all his tracks are featuring warm sounds, rich textures, complex beats and subtle harmonies.