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 - Luca Distefano


Luca Distefano, class '85, is a dj/producer and lover of electronic experimentalism. Sicilian, since childhood had a passion for music from "doing" learning t o play piano and guit ar and makes his Catania, a fervent musical city, its base of operations. He began his career as a dj was young: slowly refined his style, which inspired by the deep and techno, taking the console of the most important venues of the island becoming a resident of MercatiGenerali - Cat ania.Collaborator of the most important parties of the island is a lover of technology applied to music; in recent years have increasingly focused on the production of liveset that begin to make it known beyond their own island, her performances are an important success when In 2010, lay down in its setup the Reactable Live!, coveted instrument built and distributed worldwide in just 20 units.The Reactable Live! and deep knowledge of music software, Luca Distefano is able to create a set unique in t he world, leaving t he incredulous eyes and ears with his music, their production and multimedia that cancreate.