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 - Loggic


Connect with the music all my life, Joao Paulo Ferreira was young when get deep to the E-music.At 17 years old he start his first job with Dj sets, always looking for the dancing style footstep in, making the public go high.Involved with Minimal/Techno, always search the innovation, the Main Stream, Underground, exploring a lot of artists, like: Dubfire, Louie Cut, Miro Pajic, Boris Brejcha, Autistic and anothers. Start producing my own songs, it was a big step, i began exploringthe area to become Music Producer.'Loggic'' is the result of binding between low beats and music production.It's a P.A with some Techno and elements Minimalistic that elevate the track.Seeking their influences, Loggic attempts to pass on the track, sounds atmospheric hipnotyc, fat basslines and organic elements.Loggic already released via Sound Lab, Mikromal, Reiz Musik and others!