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 - LilRoj


Southern raised, Northwest-based DJ and producer RogerVeillon, known as LilRoj to some, is at the front of the newgeneration of techno, crafting his trademark with funky deepand uncompromising sounds. Learning to beatmatch in theearly 90's, by the time Roj reached the age of 18, he hadalready developed his own profound blend of progressivetechno and breakbeats and began making appearances insome of Louisiana's top nightclubs and bars. Musicproduction came natural as he began to gain studio accessand resources in 2002. By 2008, he gained momentum withhis debut remix of JAK's "Relax," on SubSensoryRecordings, and is now a key producer and remixer for thelabel. T hese days, Roger's sounds in the studio and on thedecks are considered to be deep and engaging,characterized by funky atmospheres with plenty of low endemissions, and slightly more free-spirited and experimentalthan most common house and techno. In addition to avariety of remixes, Roger has since released three wellreceivedoriginal EPs on SubSensory as well as tracks andremixes on labels including Special Recordings, Nude PhotoMusic, KRecordings, 530Techno and more.