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 - Leo Casagrande


Leo Casagrande started his career in 1994 and throughout the years he specialized in audio and technology courses. He spent the 2007-2008 season in London/UK, where he coursed the EMP(electronic Music Production) in the SAE Institute ( sound Audio Engineering), a well-known and worldwide recognized school.After some years teaching DJing and musical production classes on the best schools of São Paulo and acting as an Ableton Live product expert at Expo Music, Leo Casagrande gets in the select team of Ableton certified teachers, and opens the Leo Casagrande Studio, where he offers Professional DJ and Musical Production Courses, with exclusive methodology and impeccable structure.After that several invitations for speeches, workshops and events like the Ableton Users meeting and AES Brazil Expo where he again stands out as an Ableton Product Expert. Leo Casagrande also known for his vast online material, where he releases through his Youtube channel many tutorials and tips for music producers from Brazil and around the world, besides his biweekly Podcast “Bighouse in da House”; where he plays classics that made history and new releases from every style.With productions released by the British label Monkey Records, W&W, MDS Digital, Electronic Fusion, S.R. Music and the Italian label Stranamente Records, his songs are played by the best DJs all around the world, shaking dance floors and always creating an atmosphere of quality and professionalism.