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 - Lars Neubert


lars neubert aka. lars funkit was 1992 when lars got its first full tape of electronic music as a gift. the beginning of a great passion. now one thing was clear, it’s in the big cities, to discover, try, explore new things. The new amiga500 was immediately used for the first musical steps.a few years later, in 2001, lars stuck with house music and deejaying. the first performances were in saxony clubs, which aroused the attention of more organizers. other performances were just outside of saxony and first residencies were offered to him.2006 is the first release on the dresdner label audiomorph. more releases and remixes followed for Casual Lab, WAAP, WBA Records, Shelving Music, Cubetribe Records and other labels .also as DJ lars does his thing. nowadays he plays over different places and give you party, sexy beats and good mus ic!!