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 - Ivan Chuckfish


Originally from Venezuela (South America) , Ivan Chuckfish began his dj career working as FM Radio operator in Barquisimeto city in 1998. Together with partners at the radio station he spent a lot of time inside the studio experimenting with DAT devices to mix all kinds of sounds. The results were really cool! From that moment he started to play using turntables. The years that followed he shared the stage with many Venezuelan and international artists in parties, clubs and events, also as a resident dj in venues all around Venezuela.Also he has been playing in Panama, Costa Rica, Barcelona Spain ,Netherlands and Berlin Germany.Ivan Chuckfish started to experiment with Roland grooveboxes in the middle of the 00`s decade , searching for techy rhythms and bass-lines to compose his own music and to go through the variety of the house genre.A couple of years later he launched his first EP under the label Inverzo Records, established in Barcelona (Spain).Till this moment he lives by only one rule non stop music !