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Indiano dj was artistically born in 1988.1990 was the year of his debut as resident dj in the "Caesar palace" disco (Barletta), where he proposed a selection that goes from underground to techno. But soon he realized that he couldn’t completely express himself with these two music genres. 1992 was the year of the musical turning point. Thanks to the arrival of progressive in Italy he discovered sounds that finally allowed him to create live set suitable with his musical soul. In 1993 the Evolution movement had begun in Puglia and Indiano was its top resident dj and collaborator. It was this movement that had introduced him to the wide public of the night.Many are his special guests in the most popular discos in Puglia, like t he "Camelot " in Bari, t he"Jubilee" in Corat o, t he "Domus Area" in Foggia, t he"T ribeka" in Brindisi, the"Opus" in San Severo and many others. During these nights he shared the console with many renown of the Italian nightlife like Francesco Farfa, Stefano Noferini, Joy Kitikonti, Sandro Vibot, Massimo Cominotto, just to cite a few of them. The innumerable performances made him so popular that just during one of them someone required to publish his first record.In 1998 “Crypt in ep” came out under t he Zouk pseudonym, a collaboration with dj Lilian and published by Trance Traxx (Milan).From 2001 his popularity increased thanks to the special guests at the "Fantasia" in Aosta, the "Greif Disc" in Corvara (High Adige), the "Naxos" in Torino.In 2006 he participated in the "Notte Insonne Wave Contest," a dj’s national competition organized in collaboration with the national magazine "Trend." The jury, headed by Massimo Cominotto, unanimously choose him as the winner as he was astonished by Indiano’s perfect equilibrium between quality, technique, innovation and originality.2007 was the year of new successes, thanks to the nomination to the Awards organized by Trend to award a prize to the best Italian dj/producers. In 2008 the same magazine Trend selected him between the best Italian talents, again naming him for the 2008 Awards. He also appeared in the “DJ List,” world hit parade of DjMag with many of the successful productions that characterized 2007/2008, as his innovat ive mind cat ches t he at t ent ion of many It alian and foreigner labels.Today he collaborates with different Digital Labels, Beatworks rec, Sk rec, FKJ rec, Jean rec, Arteria Music Label, Clorophilla rec, Bdivision rec, Bwg rec,Vike rec,24Bit rec.Vilena rec etc... His popularity increases thanks to his collaboration with some web Radio and network as Radiosl, of which he is collaborator and top artist, and Partystation and the Rcm,Radio Z eus Imperiale, web radio.In Indiano’s live sets he plays out a multi faced electronic beat that takes it from the Deep Minimal Techno to, what he loves to define as his own sound, the "Deep Dark".


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