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 - Dj Tono Gomezz


Dj, Producer and remixer since 1990, his musical influencescome from Pop 80's, freestyle, hight Energy, and the HouseMusic of the 90's.Resident Dj was the best clubs in his hometown, being themost recognized and the most experienced, has alsoparticipated in many national events sharing the stage withColombian and international DJs.For many years he Disckjockey and director of Radio,standing out by the good management, which topped tuningsurveys.Combine studying computer systems with music productionwhich handles many genres leaning by the House Musicand Tech house, trying to go slowly placing their originalcreations in the DJ world. He has his own recording studioand also owns a music label, which is manager, promoterand publicist (GOZ Z U MUSIC)