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 - DJ Sly


DJ SLY, Francesco Ciccarelli,was born in Capua (CE) in 1981. he grows up in a small town in the province of Caserta. Humble guy, funny and easygoing. As a child he was already in love with music and the world around it. On school notebooks he often spent his time drewing mixers, amplifiers, speakers; a little anectode to emphasize his passion. On Saturday evenings, he used to follow his uncle who was a disk jockey in the 80's and so he sterted to play his first vinyls. Also, thanks to his uncle,Sly has the chance to meet the great Joe Doppio,well known international dj, who taught him many secrets of this passion. In the same period dj Sly knows the amazing dj Pino Falace who Sly still recognizes and calls as "my master". In 1992,when he was just eleven years old, he bought his first vinyl. In the same period Sly starts to play in both private and public parties, in his town and in towns aroud it. It's clearly evident his talent in this field. In 1996 Sly starts to play his music in many clubs of his province,until the 2001, when he moves for a period in Milan where he plays in the famous club named "jamming" and other clubs around the city. In 2006 he works with Radio Ibiza (Naples), in 2009 becomes the official DJ of K-television (now known as "follie della notte "). In 2010, together with a group of friends and other DJs he creates the MAGIC TRIP group, which becomes very popular in Campania region. In the same year he joins two different and new groups of djs:TECHAWAY and HUMAN NATURE. With these groups Sly collaborates in consolle with well known italian djs world wide appreciated: Flower, Simi Cavagnuolo, Pako S, Silvie Loto, Missy Jay, Carola Pisaturo, Gigi Soriani and many others. His music is overewhelming and full of different touches.Many guys and girls follow his performances during the night shows. Recently he's also working on tech house music and minimal, which are having great success on the web.