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ConquestBeatz, aka Steven Cunha Goncalves, was born in1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.At the age of 15 he made his first remix and even it wasn't areally good remix, he knew that this is what he wanted to do.In August 2012, he discovered FL Studio. Since that moment,he started producing serious tracks. In December 2012 hesigned contracts with Vacau Recordingsand Alien Tunes Recordings.T he first track that he released was the huge Electro-Housecollaboration with DJ LEFT, called "Make Some Noise"(Vacau Recordings & Scop Records).T he first E.P that he released was the E.P of Go! includingthe following tracks (Alien Tunes Recordings):- Go! (Original Mix)- Shake It (Original Mix)- Go! (Omar K Remix)- Shake It (StyleWriters Remix)T his was the start of a long & succesfull career.