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 - Comah


Comah is a French artist guided by electronic music.At the age of 20 he decided to put himself in the Djing world practicing by himself in his room mixing on CD platines. He started producing in different clubs in France as well as private parties. It’s at the age of 22 that he went to Montpellier to start schooling at Sound Designer, which allowed him to get started in the production of Techno Minimal style music.He found his identity in this field and desired to explore a more underground Techno Minimal scene. It was in november 2011 and during a period of 6 months, he did what he knows best at the Pink After in Montpellier, making the people dance with very impulsive sets. The word got around about his specific sets so Comah was booked in many French clubs, and also in Spain. Today, he continues to produce tracks all as powerful, he is signing labels that are more and more prestigious such as the famous Flat Belly Recordings and he is feeding his playlist with music sharp for the ears that desire news ounds .