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0RFE0 discovered his passion for music at a young age. It was at the School of Choral singing where he would write his first compositions for various competitions and other occasions, such as composing music for the “Druskininkų vasara su M.K. Čiurlioniu”, which is held to remember the great compositor and painter M.K. Čiurlionis.When 0rfeo discovered electronic music, he would study it with the same sense of perfectionism that he was able to develop during his classical music education, which led to releases on various labels such as Stripped digital, Mistique Music, OLD SQL Recordings, Panda Recordings, Balkan Connection and many more.As a DJ he is interest- ed in many different styles, which allows him to tell a story musically and still keep in touch with his audience. Right now he focuses on Deep House and Techno.