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Planet Earth the year 2118: the 22nd century is on the horizon and the planet has evolved into one global metropolis in which skyscrapers virtual billboards and hovercrafts dominate everyday life. But in spite of the technical evolution mankinds most important philosophical question still remains unanswered: What is the meaning of life On The Calling Dapayk Solo tells the story of Zoe a young survivalist searching for answers on a digital pilgrimage a thrilling journey from dark underground clubs to the worlds highest peaks. With this brandnew concept album the Berlin based Electronica producer takes on his most ambitious project yet. The Calling is the atmospheric danceable score to our heroin Zoes science fiction adventure on her personal path of spiritual enlightenment. Never before has Dapayk shown himself from such an epic and cinematographic angle. For thousands of years people from all cultures have been using rhythmic sounds to reach other spheres using them as tools in mind altering rituals. Ancient gathering sites have long given place to modern temples of dance in which DJs now preach to the crowds on a holy dance floor offering moments of ecstasy under strobe lights. The only difference: other than before today the masses are attending mass at Friday night instead of Sunday morning. Niklas Worgt aka Dapayk explains: Clubbing these days has become like a ritual. As a musician who performs in clubs regularly I feel the pull and the need to be out there on a Friday night even when Im not playing. It has become a habit for me that is completely ingrained in my inner rhythm Im sure Im not the only one feeling this inner restlessness every time the weekend comes around. I find it interesting that consciously or unconsciously there is a great need for fulfilment when diving into nightlife almost like a search for meaning within music. Dapayk has been creating his own universe ever since his first release which he expands continuously with several side projects. Though an everchanging array of sounds Dapayks work has a returning central motif: a journey searching for the unknown. He yearns for the search of unheard sounds new experiences and the big picture. With The Calling Niklas seamlessly continues where he left us after his last solo release #nofilter (2015) and the last Dapayk & Padberg LP Harbour (2017) on which he and his wife and partner Eva Padberg showcased their atmosphericambient side. The Calling now marks the sequel in this informal trilogy. The albums direction came naturally Dapayk explains. One big inspiration for me were my dreams: I often dream of traveling and of unknown places of which he experienced a few on his last album tour. Besides playing gigs at European electronica events like Sonar or ADE his music has also taken him to tours in Japan Thailand and Australia. Ive played quiet a few open airs which inspired me to work on a sound that opens up wide spaces and possibilities. The previous album '#nofilter' was quite minimalistic and worked really well in small clubs. With The Calling I wanted to break out of this claustrophobic shoebox and create an open air feeling. With modern programming pushing techno beats opulent analogue pads and stylistic elements picked from the best House Electro Minimal Trip Hop and Ambient has to offer Dapayk creates a unique sound aesthetic. Due to its subliminal darkness there is a strong reminiscence to the on screen milestones of John Carpenter or Luc Besson. The Calling is Kopfkino for the dance floor and for the first time selected newcomer artists from the just founded sub label Enfant Fenou will appear as vocal special guest features on the album. Starting on the acoustic quest of our heroin the album begins with the dramatically forward moving Zoes Intro with its reduced foundation it builds the bridge to the minimalistic forerunner of the album #nofilter. The bombastic rave signal of the following titular track marks the actual departure of Zoes journey. Starting off with a pang of energetic chopped beats before exploding into a brassy melody continuously gaining momentum. From this club experience our young explorer leaves into the dawn to the surreal sound cascades of the nebulous buzzing Aurora. Aurora stays true to its name with a buildup composed of throbbing ethereal synths which give the track an otherworldly vibe. On the vibrant Flood Zoe meets the Cologne based Electronica duo Komplement before all the lights go out in terra city with the Dapayk typical Blackout showcasing his ability to crossover between Techno Dubstep and an almost 90s UK House Vibe. Our heroin meets her biggest challenge with the associative Halo the retro futuristic robotpop Low Tinnitus and the new wave inspired After All (feat. Vars). After All marks one of the most enticing tracks on the album combining four to the floor percussion with tantalizing vocals by Vars. Im a child of the 80s Dapayk explains. When we had recorded all of the vocals for the album I noticed that all of them had a typical 80s style. Also the overall album sound has turned out to be less technological and monotone and instead became more organic and human. The guest vocalists lent a new twist to the tracks to underline that aspect even more. After the hermit like mysterious Wanderer and the weightless grooving Angels Share Zoe starts to see the end of her insightful journey getting closer: reaching the highest peak of the planet the roof of the world her gaze doesnt just go into the distance. But instead it goes within with the aesthetically fragile Walk with Me (feat. Mental Bend) and the ambient floating Zoes Outro the calling slowly faints into a white noise. Zoe has reached her destination: herself. So there is one question left to be answered: Was all this a dream A vision A trip Or reality The name Zoe in ancient Greek means Life Niklas Worgt explains. For me every album marks a time in my life and all my experiences and emotions go into this product. Journeys are a part of all of our lives and the idea that some listeners might choose this album as the soundtrack for a part of their journey is particularly motivating.


The Calling