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  • Release Date 2010-10-12
  • Label Echelon
  • Catalog ER065
Tempo Giusto proudly presents you with his debut album, "Premiering In Theaters".

"Premiering In Theaters" consists of 14 carefully selected works composed with fierce musical passion and meticulous craftmanship during the last 2 years. Having received his audio engineering and recording arts diploma in mid-2010, Tempo Giusto now delivers the audience his signature sound in its purest and most enriched form so far, combining his thematic and melodic dynamism with a wildly powerful drive, yet preserving the minute musical delicacies and nuances of composition. The emphasis is on club sound but there are softer pearls as well that give the album more depth, such as the vocal single "Alive". The album will be available as a continuous DJ mix by Tempo Giusto, and as separate tracks for club play.

To make things even more interesting, the album is followed by a remix compilation in which the original works are presented by a cavalcade of fine producers who are all known of their unique sound and expression, including Mike Koglin, Mark Sherry, DJ Eco, Kenneth Thomas, Dave Schiemann, Evol Waves, and many others. Together with the remixes, "Premiering in Theaters" will be one of the most outstanding and thought-provoking releases in the electronic music scene this year.


The starter track of the album is a soft progressive tune "For That Someone", a pleasant emotional ride with mellow rhythmical riffs carrying a rippling piano melody. No matter if you already have a someone, or he or she is still out there somewhere, this track is perfect for chilled listening.

The only vocal on the album, "Alive" is likewise a mellower track with sweet harmonies and glistening timbres. The rich arrangement colours the background in positively vibrant feel and Minnamarie's lush vocals bring the lyrics to life, telling of the uniqueness of each moment in our lives. Additional mixes available are the dub and radio edit.

Also a slower progressive track, "Envision, Hold Me" has deep bass groove accentuated with a big chord riff, and glazed with several melodic treats, among others a delicate yet intense female vocal. The main theme builds up with a wide spaceous lead and develops through the track with the help of the changing bassline.

With the lightness of a fresh breeze from the ocean on nightfall, "Paysage de Rêve" paints a musical scene of hopes and dreams passing in time. The melodies and themes converse together in beautiful counterpoint while the base layers pump a vivid pulse into the track.

Citizen Kane is a more driving track with intense melodies. The main sequences are driven on by the bassline and stabbing riffs, and the breakdown unleashes a rich melody to lift the atmosphere for the second part.

Tempo Giusto's second album single - a structurally solid and thematically captivating work that represents the darker, harder, and clubbier side of the artist heard before in releases such as 'Blow' and 'The Name Game'. The track builds on a pumping bass line and a central nailing riff, slashing hihats, and wet claps, all adorned with carefully placed tech-industrial details. The first parts prepares for the second with melodic theme development and the breakdown unleashes a violent, highly compressed lead of a ripping timbre.

Unlike the other progressive tracks in this promotional pack, MATHEO begins with a faster bassline and kicks off with a sparkling lead theme. The breakdown brings a more emotional element into the theme, which then kicks off again with a bass variation. MATHEO packs a nice amount of energy, and the name contains a small riddle that you might be able to unravel if you know Tempo Giusto a bit better!

Inspired by the ever volatile stock markets and the western societies' obsession to them, Stockticker is a work reflecting our time. Built on a deep relentless bass drive foundation, a hectic triplet theme rises to dominate the first part, joined later by sparkling synths. The track comes to a halt in the breakdown, descending into a longing string hymn which then explodes into a solemn chant saturated with exuding emotional power. A drop and a massive build-up follows through which the track kicks off for the second part with a huge repetitive lead theme.

Another track to create more contrast in the album, "Inside The Bottle" is a harder track with a solid drive and fervidly clear theme which carries the track from beginning to end.

Rather different from all the other tracks on the album, "Apocalypse" is an avantgarde work both thematically and structurally. The first part introduces the bizarre, mystical theme, driven by a deep pumping bassline and haunting background droplets. The middle break begins with a sacral vibe and through a delicate bridge passage it builds up into a theatrical rise working as a tribute to a certain cinematic scene. The kick-off launches a vast lead theme that cuts frantically through the sound texture.

Placed towards the end of the continuous album mix, it's needless to say "Ground Zero" is one of the most banging tracks on it. The perc and bass drive is smackin' hard since the start and themes sound huge and sinister. The breakdown gathers a massive load of energy and explodes with an all-in second part.

As the name implies, the atmosphere has a bright and summery allure, with pulsating bass riffs and fluttering rhytms laying a fast foundation for the cocktail of vibrantly colourful melodics. Rather than an independent interlude, the breakdown serves mostly as an elevation for the dashing peak part in which the energy of the drive is funneled into the main theme played by a lively guitar lead.

"Jekku" is Finnish and translates to English as a trick or a prank. The original mix kicks off right from the intro with a whimsical churning sound which acts as structural cement for the whole track. The main theme is a rhytmical motif played by an explosive lead sound which spreads all around the soundspace, suitable for big room environments. The breakdown is short but intense, climaxing in the second part which begins with a short bongo sequence leading back to the surging main theme.

As the showstopper of the album at 140 bpm, "Coma" is arguably the hardest track on the album. The motor-like bass grinds massively with slashing rides while frenzied sound colours vibrate wildly in the soundspace. The breakdown builds up with the same elements and rhytmical riffs, and the second part kicks off with a slightly mad arrangement of an electro bass sequence and detuned synth stabs.




Tempo Giusto - Premiering In Theaters (Original Extended Mixes)

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