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DJ plays by Rank 1, Mark Sherry, Michael Splint and John O´Callaghan and many more.

Created by DJ Choose & Fredin.

DJ Choose strikes again, this time with his
partner in crime Rasmus Fredin.

A great progressive techtrance house rocker
@ it's best which will rule the world.

Biography DJ Choose

Dj Choose started dj´ing at the age of 16 in a small local club in Denmark. He has always been influenced and inspired by electronic music and dj´ing was therefore only a natural thing for him to do.

His preferred style of electronic music has varied a bit throughout the years, but Dj Choose has always been a big fan of banging tunes.

Dj Choose started to produce music in 1993. Since then he has released several records on many different labels all over the world.

After the big success of the single “release me” which was released in 2003, Dj Choose has gained much respect in the club community.
The single was supported by several top dj´s such as Dj Tiesto, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Dave Pearce, Eddie Halliwell, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Marcel Woods and Marco V, to name just a few.

Dj Choose has remixed for popular artists and wellknown acts such as Mason, Lost Witness, Tomcraft, Hemstock & Jennings, Dj Aligator, Cj Stone & Milo, David Forbes, Safri Duo, DuMonde & Judge Jules, Who da Funk, Public Domain, Phillipe B & Todd Terry and many more.

His work also include remixes and productions for major labels such as Ministry of Sound, Universal Music, ID&T, Incentive, Nukleuz, Drizzly, Disco:Wax, Subliminal, Media records and many more.

Dj Choose also runs his own two labels, Choose Choones and Chew the Club recordings.

Dj Choose has performed in several clubs and at many different venues all over the world.
For those of you who missed out, he always puts a big effort into creating a massive atmosphere whereever he performs and he is definitely always worth an experience. Its guarenteed that you will always see a most energetic Dj Choose in the dj booth.

All this has made Dj Choose a very popular dj in many countries all over the world and one of the most respected djs in Denmark.


Productions and remixes since 2002:

Dj Choose presents That Mucho - 'Release me' / 'Elevatorazz' (Drizzly music)

Hepba - 'Daqaurariezz' (F&W Records/Media Records/Nukleuz)
(Original version / Dj Choose & F´s strawberry ice mix)

Dj Choose & F - 'All ride' / 'Comprezz' (F&W Records)

That Mucho - 'Don´t snare @ me' / 'Grand theft audio' (Drizzly music)

Teddy Ring & Tijs Verhoeven - 'Prove' / 'Hornét' (F&W Records)

Dj Choose & F - 'What´s your poison' / 'Anything 4 lof' (F&W Records)

Dj Choose - 'Knight fever' / 'Jitters' / 'So what' (F&W records)

Tease - 'Vicious mountain e.p. part 1' (Chew the Club recordings)
(Including: 'Vicious mountain', 'Warm for your form', 'Nesting' and 'Fire down below')

Tease - 'Vicious mountain e.p. part 2' (Chew the Club recordings)
(Including: 'Living for the weekend', 'Backseat driving', 'Beige foundation' and 'Cubic square')

Dj Choose - 'Lucite' (F&W records)
(Original versions, Dj Choose 'So what' remix and David Forbes remix)

Dj Choose & Michael Splint present - 'Djs take control' (Nukleuz records)
(Original version & Dj Choose remix)

Dj Choose pres. Powersweep - 'Add more balls' / 'Ghost porn' / 'Guide pin' (Discover Dark)


Michael Splint presents Eruption - 'I feel free' (Nukleuz)

(Dj Choose & F´s That Mucho vocal / instrumental remix)

Dutch Courage - 'The World' (NV recordings)
(Dj Choose & F´s That Mucho remix)

Reysan Khan - 'Shiatsu' (Planet Traxx/Drizzly music)

(That Mucho remix)

Tomcraft - 'Brainwashed' (Ministry of Sound / ID&T)
(Dj Choose & F´s That Mucho remix)

Freeloader - 'Two become one' (Bigstar Records)

(Dj Choose & F´s Comprezzed remix)

Freeloader - 'Two become one' (Bigstar Records)
(Hepba remix)

Danny C - 'Razorblade' (Alpha Omega Records / Caoz Music)
(Dj Choose remix)

Kevin - 'All in my mind' (F&W Records)
(Hepba remix)

Safri Duo - 'Rise' (Universal Music)
(Dj Choose & Michael Parsberg remix)
Michael Splint feat. Sasja - 'Secrets broke my heart' (Media Records/F&W Records)
(Dj Choose & F remix)

DuMonde & Judge Jules - 'What´s in your head' (F8T Music)
(Dj Choose & Michael Parsberg remix / instrumental remix)

Public Domain - 'Love u more' (Incentive Records)
(That Mucho remix)

Drax & Scott Mac - 'Must have been a dream' (Surface / ATCR)
(Dj Choose remix)

David Forbes & Mallorca Lee - 'Close your eyes' (Monster Tunes Hard)(Dj Choose remix)

Falkon & Nebula feat. Sasja - 'So Lost' (Caoz promotion/Bigstar)
(Dj Choose remix)

DHT - 'Someone' (Ministry of Sound)
(Dj Choose & F remix)

Modulation - 'White flame' (Caoz Promotion/Bigstar)
(Dj Choose remix)

Freeloader - 'Come dance with me' (Caoz Promotion/Bigstar)
(Dj Choose & F remix)

Michael Splint feat. Sasja - 'You set me free' (F&W records)
(Dj Choose & F vocal remix / Dj Choose & F instrumental remix)

Shy Brothers - 'Midnight funk' (Solid records)
(Dj Choose remix)

Mason - 'Exceeder' (Boss UK/Bigstar records)
(Dj Choose remix)

Flarup - 'Bad boy bass' (FutureClub records)
(Dj Choose remix)

Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - 'Symphony of soul' (Sola records)
(Dj Choose remix)

CMR - 'Lost vision' (Joyride music)
(Dj Choose remix)

Sugartape - 'Summerdaze' (Bigstar Records)
(Dj Choose 5:59 AM remix)

Dj Spoke - 'Watch them fall down' (Caoz promotion/Bigstar records)
(Dj Choose remix/Dj Choose instrumental remix)

Hemstock & Jennings - 'LA 2 DC' (Used and Abused Records)
(Dj Choose remix / Dj Choose instrumental remix)

Dj Aligator - 'Kaos' (Disco:wax Music)
(Dj Choose & Michael Splint remix / Dj Choose & Michael Splint instrumental remix)

NuSense aka Steve Knoxx - '100 degress of noise' (Phaze Seven records)
(Dj Choose remix / Dj Choose instrumental remix)

Yans - 'Sahara' (Diverted)
(Dj Choose remix)

Paul Webster - 'Engaged' (Fraction)
(Dj Choose remix)

P.h.a.t.t. - 'Shockwave' (Nukleuz records)
(Dj Choose remix)

KayTee - 'Feel the rush' (6 am)
(Dj Choose remix)

Charlie G feat. Trinity - 'Unbreakable' (CGI Records)
(Dj Choose remix / Dj Choose instrumental remix)

Milo & Cj Stone - 'Surrender' (12 tones)
(Dj Choose remix)

Resinity - 'I want tomorrow' (Real Music)
(Dj Choose remix)

4 Strings - 'Catch a fall' (Maelstrom UK)
(Dj Choose remix)

Svenson feat. John Robinson - 'Lover' (12 Tone cdr)
(Dj Choose remix)

Spoke feat. Corey - 'Awakening' (Bigstar records)
(Dj Choose vocal remix, Dj Choose dub remix, Dj Choose instrumental remix)

Indecent Noise - 'Broken glass balls' (Diverted)
(Dj Choose remix)

Michael Splint & Michael Parsberg - 'Remember' (Good Stuff Music)
(Dj Choose remix)

Joy Kitikonti - 'Joyenergizer 2008' (Nukluez)
(Dj Choose remix)

Ralph Novell vs Bas & Ram - 'Younique' (Nukleuz)
(Dj Choose remix)

Releases/productions to come:

Dj Choose & B.A.C.H. pres. OD BC - 'OD BC' (Diverted)
(Original version, Tribally pimped mix, Dj Choose 2000 remix, Steve Noxx remix, Louk remix)
Release date late February 2009

Dj Choose pres. Scificon - 'Unnamed desire' / 'Knald' (inluding Joey V remix and Michael Splint remix (Drizzly)
Release date t.b.a.

Dj Choose pres. Stranger Danger - 'Stranger danger part 1 / part 2' (and additional remixes) - (TBA)
Release date t.b.a.

Chop shop - 'Chop shop' (plus additional remixes tba) (TBA)
Release date t.b.a.

Dj Choose - 'Saw dust' / tba (TBA)
(Including Paul Webster remix)
Release date t.b.a.

Dj Choose presents Encantada - 'Freak fall' / 'Dragging furnitures'
Release date t.b.a.

Dj Choose & Peetu S pres. Nordic Collab - TBA - (TBA)
Release date t.b.a.

Tease vs The Stash - T.B.A. (Chew the Club)
Release date t.b.a.

Remixes to come:

Public Domain - 'Operation blade 2009' (TBA)
(Dj Choose remix)

Lost Witness - 'Take me there' (TBA)
(Dj Choose remix)

Svenson & Gielen - 'Twister' (High Contrast)
(Dj Choose remix)

Peetu S - Salty drops - Discover
(Dj Choose remix)

Fredin - 'Simplify' - (TBA)
(Dj Choose pres. Encantada remix)

Lang & Yep - 'Workshop' (TBA)
(Dj Choose & Fredin remix)

Flarup & Fredin - 'Hotel hell' (FutureClub records)
(Dj Choose remix)

Dan Stone & Phil Young - 'Summertide' (Alter Ego)
(Dj Choose remix)

Dj Choose 'in the house' remixes:

Dero - 'Illusion'
(Subliminal/Caoz promotions/Bigstar)
(Dj Choose 'in the house' remix)

Phillipe B & Todd Terry - 'Can you feel it'
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