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This Album was possibly the first one that I didn’t matter about the genre, I only cared about what was coming to my head and the connections between ideas gathered from my recent life experiences, I’ve limited myself only to reveal all my electronic music nature.

The main genre on this album was (of course) Techno, going thru sub-genres like “Industrial”, “Tribal”, “Progressive”, “Old School”, “Groove” e “Ambiental”, the last one responsible for three tracks (1, 6 and 11), creating like this a 15 track album sequence, always respecting progression and contrast.

I had the opportunity to study music production, music composition and mastering on one of the best schools in portugal. Without a doubt I’ve gained a clearer and concise way to work. Going thru Synths like Micro Brute, Novation SL Rack, or VSTs like Futura, Komplete and Drums Racks, both internal and external. This Album was made using the knowledge I’ve recently acquired as a tool of objective exploration and the ideas as a wild card.

The Track number on this album was not a coincidence, it was created like this cause we are currently on 2015 and because of the diversity of ideas that came to me due to the influence of the market nowadays. It gave me, without a doubt, a freedom of expression that I never felt before and it was right because of that this ideas came to life. During the production stage, the search for synthesizers capable of producing the sounds that I was looking for, made easy the contrast and order of each feeling inside the three stages of the album. On the Intros I’ve used a lot of “Sonivox”, an Akai Vst, on the rhythm I took a chance on my own drum racks creating and editing each sound. On the “Brass”, “Leads”, “Kies” or “Bass” I’ve used “TonePhutura” and “Complete 10” (Kore, Razor and others).

Speaking of each track, but starting on the Ambient genre, “Space One”, “Space two” and “Space Three”, I’ve let my self be influenced by long chords, rocking half tempo beats and creating like this an atmospheric sensation of medieval or spacial game (Sonivox reflection).
These Ambience tracks fill this fifteen tracks album separating the various rythmns and states of mind and soul.

My honest preference towards the full album, it’s the track “Rise”. Not that It wasn’t hard for me to like every single track the same, but I admit that by the simple fact that it’s melody imported from Industrial Techno, side by side with it’s Tribal feeling create a loving feeling between both that makes the atmosphere of the track, this was something that was on my mind since the first moment I’ve started this track. It’s unique and strong feeling made it my little baby.
On the “Groove” section I turn my attention to “Awake”, composed by close to “Hardgroove” basslines. It’s Hook or Melody is controlled by very distinguished arpeggios on the base key note, giving it a tripled sequence as well rhythm on all low frequencies.

On the Oldschool style I can only refer “Peace”.
With Kicks and Hit Hats straight from 80’s and 90’s drum racks. Like TR-909 and TR-808 (on VST). On snares and hit hats all low frequencies were removed from the drums, this helped on the massive distortion, the key of this track. The melody it’s a reflection of Adam Beyer track (Mr. Sliff - Rippin & Dippin), from that starting point a new feeling is reborn with a mix of Bass and Brass, becoming the center of the track.

“Not Sleep”, it’s a more Standard 2014 Sound. With a heavy kick getting to the mid frequencies with influences of east europe Techno. With small hints of tribal from a Max for Live Drum Rack, something that made me feel almost on a jungle atmosphere and easing the organization of the full idea.

All the Other tracks follow a little from the previous I’ve mentioned, Using hooks and melodies that would help me to identify better and more each theme, breaking the “nowadays dry”. For their harmonies and not only for their rythmn.

On the mixing and mastering process, I’ve went to well known tools by Waves. Putting to use finely tuned and appropriate strong equalizers, compressores or limiters, towards each need.

Before the release, I asked for a second opinion of professionals I admire, some from
sound engineering others from musical schools. In an all (90%%) of the album was well quoted by these professionals, giving me a sense of accomplishment as a professional as well on a personal level. This Album had a lot of influence of everything I’ve lived and I still do.

I also can conclude, that the sharing and deliverance of fragile feelings are the main moto of the album name, giving me the capacity to be more alert to our surroundings, that we enjoy, we share, to each we give shape and color. The consciousness of the internal existence between personal good and bad, social or even professional, made the name to this project, “Sensitive”.
For last but not least, to young or old, I hope the you enjoy the album and you can feel the way I’ve felt while creating it.
I also want to thank, all my work colleges, organizations and friends, that always supported this new project of mine.

Truly yours

Release: 24th of April 2015
Label: Núcleo Records


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