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Ciao! We are Crookers, and we're proud to present to you this collection of our best work so far. We hope this compilation helps explain our music, and shows how it has developed over the years.

In the beginning, when we started making music together, it seemed that no one liked what we were doing. People thought our style was too crazy, and a lot of doors got slammed in our faces. We couldn't even find a label to sign us. Of course we felt like we had developed something insane and expected that everyone would like it. We first started playing in minimal house clubs, and people started to go wild when we played our tracks, even though our style was definitely not minimal.

The first sign something big was happening was when Annie Mac used one of our songs for a Mixmag cover mount CD. This was so huge for us we thought our brains would explode! That was the first time someone well known and important really endorsed our music. After the Mixmag CD, we started to get a load of support from the blogs, which was amazing. All of a sudden it seemed that everyone was writing about us.

Back then; we did tons of remixes for free. We would ask people for the parts from things we liked, and then make new tracks for our sets. At the time, we only played our tracks in our sets, so we were constantly making new remixes. We got the opportunity to remix a track for the Chemical Brothers, which was a huge deal for us. We were anxious to do a great job, and hopefully to impress the Chemical Brothers. We spent a week straight working on it and ended up with ten or twelve versions of the mix. We agonized over it, giving up sleep and becoming zombies, and in the end we used a version that had only taken us 45 minutes! We signed our deal with Southern Fried Records around the same time, starting with the release of our first proper EP, Knobbers. For our remix of The Cat, by Dusty Kid for them, we wanted to use a particular sound from a synthesizer and we experimented a lot to make it finally work. It was the first time we tried something that wasn't linear;the sounds went up, down, and every which way in the mix. It's ironic that a sound we thought might be too crazy for people became a part of our signature style.

Obviously, a lot changed after the release of Day N' Nite, although nothing happened overnight. More than a year after Fools Gold released the track as a free download, Ministry of Sound picked it up and then it soared to the top of the charts. We weren't actually playing it much at the time; the track had too many vocals for our sets. Then people started asking for it constantly, and we started to realize how huge it had become. We started to hear it on the radio all the time, and all of a sudden, we were travelling non-stop, and had gigs nearly every day. It was a really hectic period, and we got a bit stuck musically. We didn't want to do another Day N' Nite; it would have been too easy and felt cheap and dishonest. We wanted to go in a completely different direction, but it was hard to take the time to develop that because our schedule had become so intense.

We had become known for our 'fidget' style of remixes and productions, and it had come to define what people expected from us. The second EP Mad Kidz had compounded this sound for us along with Knobbers so it was time to do an album, but we didn't see the point of making something that sounded liked everything else we'd done in the past few years. If we were going to make a full-length album, we were going to do something different. We had always been fans of many different kinds of music; bassanova, metal, deep house, indie rock, and of course, hip hop. We decided to incorporate all of our influences on one album, and make a different kind of pop album, Tons of Friends. Sometimes, we think that people didn't understand the album because they were stuck on the Crookers club sound, or that they wanted a record of Day N' Nite type tracks. We actually put the DayN' Nite acappella version on the album for a joke. It seemed that was what people wanted, but by the time the song became huge it had been two years since we had made it and we had moved onto something else. Something bigger, a collection of 20 Tracks that captured who we were, what we were about and involved lots of the people around us.

After Tons Of Friends we really wanted to recreate the same atmosphere that we were surrounded by in 2007, when we made whatever we thought was banging and didn't worry about disappointing people or giving them what we thought they wanted. We came up with Dr. Gonzo, who represents uncompromising club music that doesn't answer to anyone and still has a sense of humour. The Gonzo album was a return to the dance floor, but still forward thinking and many tracks too crazy for some!. We want our music to make people dance, not just to go crazy to a wild banger. Recently, promoters and clubbers have been telling us that they are finally hearing something different again in the clubs, which tells us that we're doing something right. DJs have told us that when they play with us, they have to change their sets, because normally they'd be playing a bunch of our tracks. It makes us feel great to know, that after all these years, we continue to have so much support from DJs, promoters and fans. We never thought we would be able to continue doing things in the way we started; making music to blow everyone's mind, and yet here we've had five years of studio sessions, crazy parties, world tours and giant festivals. As this chapter comes to an end, another will start and we're excited to see what is next for us, and for you!

This album is our journey from the beginning until now, taking in all our favourite releases and remixes, with a new track and some unreleased gems from along the way. Hope you enjoy, we have.

Thank you so much for the love and support!!
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