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1. BLACK BOX - Dilemma
Does God exist?
If God exists, what create that God?
How can the first creator be explained?
What is the reason of the birth?
What created the universe?
What created the creator of the universe?
What is the end of the end?

2. BLACK BOX - Oblivion
Everything is slowly being forgotten.
Even the petals that shone brightly,
Even the fire that burned passionately,
Even the glass broken sharply,
Everything is forgotten.
Everything fades in our memories.

3. BLACK BOX - Fight
Go hit, crash and fight!
And then plunder!
Limited resources are not evenly distributed!
You can be a little evil sometimes!
Go hit, crash and fight!
And then plunder!

4. BLACK BOX - Marriage
Love, encounter, thrill, happiness, ecstasy, proposal, promise,
marriage, hope, concern, blessing, expectation, vanity, quarrel,
stress, disappointment, fight, reconciliation, conflict, distortion, affair, hate, depression, divorce, abyss, corruption, pain, downfall?

5. BLACK BOX - Hikikomori
This music portrays ?Hikikomori,? one who shuts themselves off from society at home.
The music expresses loneliness of people who are hurt by personal or social trouble and stands out for its dark and gloomy mood.
Let us appreciate ?Hikikomori,? a music of despair without even a beam of hope.

6. BLACK BOX - Evil
The music displays human's wickedness deep inside our heart.
Evil can have many definitions but in this album, it is something that is bad because it deviates from human's ethical standard.
You can feel decadence that reminds you of murder, rape or corruption, and the music arouses natural darkness.

7. BLACK BOX - Hypocrisy
Hypocrisy is essential in life, just as oxygen.
It is disgusting and annoying, but the world already wants it.
When everyone was sick of hypocritical world, I decided to compose ?Hypocrisy.?
A music that can take you away from hypocrisy for a moment!
Are you ready to listen?

8. BLACK BOX - Illusion
Humans are not so much interested in truth, and they tend to believe what they want to believe.
They can just decide that their decision is right and consider it the truth.
We need to take more precaution against our instinct.
It is time to stop being dependent on our intuition.

9. BLACK BOX - Explosion
This music will make your inner anger that has been suppressed implode.
And it will vitalize you who have been exhausted from all kinds of stress.
With this tremendous driving force, you will experience a whole new world and?explode?

10. BLACK BOX - Matthew Effect
A music that was inspired by the phenomenon, ?the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.?
Matthew 25:29 implies the foregoing phenomenon.
?For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.?
American sociologist Robert K. Merton first made the argument in 1969, and it has been influential to many societies since then.

11. BLACK BOX - Zoophilist
A famous animal lover, Mr. Lee? Again, he wakes up feeling refreshed in the morning today.
On his way to an appointment, he discovers a cat. He sympathizes with the cat that seems to be in hunger and buys a can of tuna from a convenience store for the cat.
He feels great seeing t
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