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After numerous noise and darkambient EP's and albums released himself, Adeptus Mechanicus debutes on NDR with a darkambient conceptalbum about the Islamic interpretation of the 7 gates of hell.

7 Gates of Hell

"Are you afraid of entering?!",
booms a massive Voice.
"I'm not sure, Great Lord,
I'm afraid to make that choice."

"Have you deserved,
what you're about to see?!"
"I'm not sure, Great Lord.
Please, have mercy on me"

"Do you believe, that
you've been wrongly placed?!"
"I'm not sure, Great Lord,
don't you see that on my Face?"

"What Fate is it, then, that
you think you so deserve?!"
"The Fate that's with the Heavens,
high above the Birds!"

"And thus that gives my answer,
because you seem so sure."
"My Answer is final:
you truly are impure!"

"Please no, Great Lord!
I truly, have done no wrong!"
It...'t was the Damned Snake,
who sang such a treacherous Song!"

"Silence, you pathetic Fool!
There's none to blame, but on your own!"
"Hell is where you shall be,
Hell is your home!"

So thus the Gates claims one more,
locked forever behind that door.

Jahannam is for Muslims with weak faith

This gate of hell is called Jahannam (Hell because of the depth of its pit)
the fire will scorch the faces of the men and women who enter it.
It will eat away at their flesh.

Ladha' is for Atheists

This gate of hell is called Laha' (Fierce blaze)
because the fire will eat away at their body parts one by one,
both internally and externally.

Saqar is for people without religion

This gate of hell is called Saqar (Extreme heat)
because it will eat up the flesh of the human being and not his bones.

Al Hutamah is for Jews

This gate of hell is called Al Hutamah (Crushing fire) because it will
shatter the bones of the human being and burn the heart and other
internal organs. The fire will start at his feet and burn all the way
through until it reaches the heart.

The individual in the fire will turn completely black when the sparks
ascend up and scorch their faces, hands and bodies. They will cry
tears until their tear ducts are completely exhausted then they will cry
blood and when the blood is completely exhausted they will cry pus
until the pus is completely exhausted. They will leave behind a pool
so great that if a ship wanted to set sail on top of what they cried it
would have no problem doing so.

Jaheem is for Polytheists

This gate of hell is called Jaheem (Hell fire) because it is actually
one big piece of hot coal that is bigger than the lowest heaven as we
know it.

Sa'eer is for Christians

This gate of hell is called Sa'eer (Blazing fire) because it is constantly
kindling, rather it has never ceased to kindle from the moment it was
created. In it are 300 castles and in each castle there are 300
houses and in each house there are 300 types of punishments.

In this hell there are scorpions and snakes, ropes, chains and
shackles. There is also something call the "Pit of Agony", which is
incomparable and unparalleled to any other type of punishment in
hell. When the door of this pit is opened the people in the hell fire will
grieve austerely.

Al Haawiyah is for hypocrites

This gate of hell is called Al Haawiyah (Abyss) because whoever is
thrown into this hell fire will never come out. The fire will embrace
him like a mother embraces her child. In this hell fire there is a well
that will let out a breeze of fire and when this breeze comes out it will
be so hot and powerful that all of the fires in the other levels of hell
will seek refuge in Allah from it.

There is a mountain made of fire and the enemies will be laid on
their faces on this mountain and their hands will be tied to their
necks and their necks tied to their feet and over them will stand the
angels that guard this particular level of the hell fire.

"7 Gates of Hell" is written and produced by Adeptus Mechanicus,
recorded, mixed and re-recorded at the Oblivion Hole Sound Lab.
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