DJ M-Traxxx

DJ M- TRAXXX aka Manny Cuevas iz Florida'z Original House Muzik DJ! ...In other wordz, I wuz thee 1st DJ 2 drop the House Soundz of Chicago & Detroit Techno in the state of Florida...House Music has come along way in it's nearly 30 yr journey. What began as an Underground Chicago movement, is now global; a multi-million dollar industry complete with culture vultures looking to nibble from the vine of it's success.In this age of compromised and commercialized house, it can be difficult to withstand the pressure of trading in the "Underground" aesthetic for fast cash. Yet, there remain a select few, whose commitment to continuing the legacy of the Original House Sound, is still selectively thriving. DJ M-TRAXXX aka Manny Cuevas is one of these people.Born & raised

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