Claus Pieper

Claus Pieper, an outstanding musician, has captured the hearts of listeners with his exceptional musicality and unique style. His musical journey began in the 90s when he first came into contact with electronic music. The unmistakable sound fascinated him deeply and awakened his passion for this extraordinary sound. In 1993, Claus Pieper founded the band GENLOG together with Ingo Kays and Oliver Kuntzer. At that time, techno emerged and opened up a whole new world of music. One year later he also founded the leading techno and house magazine RAVELINE. Claus Pieper played at major festivals such as Mayday, Nature One, Love Parade. Besides his work with GENLOG, Claus Pieper was also active in various side projects. In these projects he shone with outstanding performances and released seven albums and over 40

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