Maickel Telussa

Maickel Telussa, started, as many others, by playing in the attic. Inspired by his father, who also was a DJ, he practiced night after night to learn the tricks of the trade. After getting in touch with Pronti and Kalmani it all started to take form for real. It didn take long before he got discovered by organizers of several parties and soon came in the line-up of Love Parade Sunrise the Festival in Poland, Dance Valley NL, Crazy-land NL, Independence PL . On this moment Maickel is one of the resident DJ’s of Club Filemon Utrecht (NL) His strong and solid DJ-sets, which are impossible not to move on, are typical for Maickel. His unique style would be best described as an energetic mix of club and house. Until recently Maickel showed his skills at Dirty-Cash every last

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