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Beatport Pro for Desktop

Do more with your music.

Reinvent your music library and experience complete flexibility and creative freedom with the all-new Beatport Pro for Desktop.

Made for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) through Catalina (10.15).

Why switch to Beatport Pro for Desktop?

Manage Your Music. Your Way.

Organize your entire library by mood, feeling and more using countless custom-tagging options.

Watch the Video

Blond:ish Does More with Beatport Pro for Desktop

Go inside the studio with Blond:ish to see how Vivie-Ann Bakos streamlines her workflow with Beatport Pro for Desktop.

Create Your Next Set in a Snap

Beyond organizing your entire library using custom tagging and sorting, Beatport Pro can help you prepare multiple smart playlists using our advanced filtering system which you can then sync with Traktor, Serato and rekordbox.

Add Stems to Your DJ Arsenal

Beatport Pro for Desktop is compatible with Stems, an open-format, multi-channel audio file that includes each track’s four basic elements: bass, drums, vocals, and melody. Discover a new way to sort, organize, and play with Stems, only on Beatport.

Getting started

Learn more about the all-new Beatport Pro and how to get started.

Shopping with Beatport Pro

Using Multiple Carts

Multiple shopping carts in Beatport Pro for Mac allow you to create a flexible categorization system while shopping.

Creating a new cart:

  1. Select the “+” button.
  2. Select “New Cart”.
  3. Enter a name for your cart.
  4. There are multiple ways to add music to your carts:
    • Drag content from the grid view into a specific cart.
    • In the details panel or play queue, select the secondary menu inside the “add to cart” button and choose the cart you wish to add your track to.

Working with My Beatport Artists and Labels

View your My Beatport music:

  1. Select the desired store node in the source list.
  2. Select My Beatport Artists or Labels from the preset manager or bookmark bar.
  3. Necessary filters will populate the filter field and My Beatport content will be displayed in the content grid.

Access Individual My Beatport Artists/Labels:

  1. Select the desired store node in the source list.
  2. Find "My Beatport Artists" or "My Beatport Labels" in the preset manager or bookmark bar.
  3. Expand the desired node, and select "Artists" or "Labels" from the tree.
  4. You will now see a complete list your My Beatport Artists/Labels. Selecting any artist or label will take you to their details page.

Filtering as Crate Digging

The Beatport store contains millions of tracks, and growing every day. You can filter the store by any combination of filter types like BPM, key, mood, artists, genres, release dates, and more to find music that suits an upcoming event, or the moment.

  1. Select the desired Store node in the source list.
  2. Select the “Add Filter” button.
  3. Select the filter type you would like to use.
  4. Select (or specify) the filter parameters in the fly out.

Buying Tracks

  1. Select the cart you wish to check out with.
  2. Ensure the content you’ve added to the cart is all you wish to purchase.
  3. Select “Proceed to Checkout”.
  4. Add any coupons or gift codes if applicable, review the order details and select “Continue”.
  5. Select “Complete Checkout” in the upper right.

Managing your music

Importing your music

You can import music in one of two ways, via your iTunes Library or by indexing music on your hard drive. You can also have Beatport Pro watch music folders for new music being added to your computer.

Import iTunes Library:

  1. Select the Import iTunes Library option.
  2. Select OK to confirm the action.
  3. Your Beatport Pro Library will be populated with all compatible music from iTunes, including playlists.

Add Files to Collection:

  1. Select Add Files to Collection.
  2. Select the location where you’d like to have Beatport Pro search your hard drive for media.
  3. Your Beatport Pro Library will be populated with all compatible music.

Drag content from iTunes or the Finder:

  1. Select the content you wish to import in iTunes or the Finder.
  2. Drag into a source list node, the collection table view, or the app dock icon.

Add a Folder for Beatport Pro to Watch:

  1. Select Preferences about of the menu dropdown.
  2. Select Import Preferences.
  3. Select the “+” and add a folder location for Pro to watch.

The Metadata Assistant

The Metadata Assistant is an advanced tool designed primarily to help users who had previously implemented tagging structures across their music collection in other software.

  1. From the File Menu select Metadata Assistant.
  2. Begin by selecting the “+” plus button in the lower left. If you plan to split up tags from a specific frame of your collection, select split rule. If you plan to just copy or append data to a new meta data frame, select matching rule.
  3. Then select the source tag which you would like to transfer information from (most commonly the Comments field).
  4. Choose data found in your tracks comments field that you would like to write to your collection. For instance, moods you would like to transfer to the Mood tag category in Beatport Pro. Or you can choose Energy, Venue, Keys, etc.
  5. Ensure proper spelling and case for these tags.
  6. Before running the migration, you can verify your rule is working properly by selecting “eye” preview button.
  7. When you are sure that the rules you have set are 100% accurate. Select “Run”.
  8. The tracks in your library will now contain the transferred data in the appropriate fields.

Working with Playlists and Playlist Folders

To create a playlist simply select the 'add to source list' menu icon (“+”) at the bottom-left of the source list and select “New Playlist” from the menu. You can also select “New Playlist Folder” to group playlists into directories in order to create highly organized hierarchies and playlist folder structures.

To re-order a playlist or playlist folder, select the one you’d like to move and drag it to the desired location.

To add content to a playlist, select the desired content and drag it into a playlist. If you would like to delete a playlist, select the playlist and then the delete key, or right-click on the playlist and choose delete from the contextual menu.

Syncing with Beatport

You can easily sync your track metadata with the latest metadata available on Beatport.

  1. Select one or more pieces of content in the content grid view.
  2. Select the “Sync with Beatport” button in the meta-panel.
  3. Check the track in the fly out that corresponds with the one you’ve selected.
  4. Choose the frames you would like to update.
  5. Select another track (if you have selected multiple items) or simply select "Done".

Filtering your Library

Filters in Beatport Pro offer a powerful way to discover new content on the Beatport store, and find existing content in your collection.

  1. Select the desired Collection or Store node in the source list.
  2. Select the “Add Filter” button.
  3. Select the filter type you would like to use.
  4. Select (or specify) the filter parameters in the fly out.

Saving Presets and Smart Playlists

The filter-preset bar can be used to store and easily access commonly used filter combinations. Relevant presets can be used across the store and your collection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can export all your filter-presets as playlists in the iTunes export of your Beatport Pro library. You can view this setting in the Export Preferences. These playlists will automatically update as you add music to your library that meets the filters you have saved!

Save a filter set:

  1. After finding a filter combination that you’d like to save, select the “Save” button on the right side of the filter-preset bar.
  2. Type a name to identify your preset, and select "Save" in the flyout dialog.

Load a filter set:

  1. Select the store or collection node you would like to filter.
  2. Using the workspace controls in the header bar, expand either the preset manager or the bookmark bar.
  3. Select the filter set you would like to load.
  4. Your filter set has been loaded into the filter bar, and the content view will now show filtered results.

Using Pro for Desktop with Traktor or Rekordbox

You can access your Beatport Pro library within Traktor or Rekordbox by following these simple steps. Anytime you add music to your library in Beatport Pro and tag it, those tags and music will automatically show up in either software after these steps.

  1. Open Traktor.
  2. From the File Menu select Traktor -> Preferences.
  3. Select File Management from the Traktor Preferences menu.
  4. Then choose the location of your iTunes Music Library you have exported from Beatport Pro and close the Preferences panel.
  5. Return to the library view in Traktor and select iTunes in the source list.

You can access your Beatport Pro library within Rekordbox by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Rekordbox.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Bridge.
  4. Choose the location of the iTunes Library file you exported from Beatport Pro.
  5. You can now access your music and playlists from the Bridge section.

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