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Marco Corvino began working as DJ in a professional way in many Italian radio program shows since 1985, included some of the most famous in Italy as: Radio Orion 2, Rare Grooves, Rec & Play, Mix in Time, "Mastermix" by Radio Italia Network, Radio Marte Stereo and Radio Club 91. In 1990 he started cooperating with the Angels Of Love promoters crew. With the Angels Of Love Marco collaborated for nine years, together with all the best artists of the world dance panorama. At that time he was spinning in the USA (Miami), France, Germany, England, Low Countries. In the first 90 Marco had his first approaches with the recording studios and in 1995 his first record Dont YoU Know was released on UMM records, with the cooperation of Marco Carola. In 1996 he realized Primo on M.A.W. records, where Corvino appears with the pseudonym Corvino Traxx , used for the cooperation between him and the Masters At Work. In 1997 was released Neapolis on Vinyl Peace records, the Canadian label property of Dino and Terry. Still in 1997 he produced a remix for Dixie Jox & D Minor on AOL records, with the alias Java Brothers (Marco Corvino and Furriello Bros) and a remix on Planet Records named Lovin You with a version by Stefano Miele. In 1999 was released EL Sol on Test records and in the same year Marco realized One Day In Rio , with the pseudonym Dual Key (Marco Corvino and Maurizio B-Flat), very appreciated by the world house scene and especially by Tony Humphries, which reviewed it and then released it on the American label Sound On Wax records, bringing this ep around the world. His experience in studio grew up thanks also to the many cooperations between Marco and prestigious singers, Mika Clausell, Gerideau, Brian Chambell, Simon Cooper, Marcello Coleman and Keith Thompson to name some of them. With these artists Marco realized many projects in different styles, from dance to chill, from hip hop to fusion and RNB. In the Zer081 studio were born projects like Surfers released on Undiscovered and later distributed by Virgin. The Surfer project ranges from classic house sonorities to bossanova, with chill, funk and soul elements, showing the open mind of this young Neapolitan artist. In 2003 comes a new label desired by the Zer081 team, Deck is the name the trio wanted to give to this new label distributed by Karma. Deck was born as independent label, aiming to bring quality DJ tools. The first release on Deck was by DJ Simi & Master Keys. The ep is named What and it has found a big success in the world dance panorama. On the same label Corvino Traxx & Lino D Meglio produced Is Love. Subsequently, with Frank Iengo, brings out a Latin House project called "Aguadulce" on Net's work International. It is inspired to the range of productions previously realized by the Neapolitan artist. In 2004, the studio work intensifies and Marco decides to go ahead with more projects in various directions: it is realised Daddy's Groove on Crowd Limited entitled "Tribute", aimed at young audiences, with Dj Simi creates "Everybody Rock" on Deck records, then later "Who", still a Daddy's Groove on Crowd Limited. This release has been a real success for the label, selling more than 5.000 copies all over the world The year 2005 begins in the sign of the productions: on Deck it is realised Is Love, produced by Marco Corvino Traxx and Lino D Meglio. Marco also cooperates with some of the most famous Italian magazines as ORBEAT, DISCOID, JAY CULTURE, TREND DAYS, TONIGHT. The found successes with his productions have meant that the gigs of Marco giddily increased, up to propose his own sound in the best locals of the Campania region with a weekly frequency. Marco Corvino also realized a big number of compilations: starting from 1996 he has been present on Future Traxx vol.1, on UMM (Corvino TRAXX " Don't you know) 1996, Masters at work vol.1, on Masters at Work records (Corvino TRAXX- Primo-)1997, on Mr. Bongo " Latin track (Corvino TRAXX - Primo)1998, on BBE " Curiosity latin machine (Corvino TRAXX -Primo) 1998, on Sony Italia " Suburbia compilation (Marco Corvino " Neapolis) 1999, Two label TBA Zurich - House Station Level (Cormain - EL SOL) 2000, Dual Key - Saxeira - Joint Recording 2000, on Sonido Denso Discotheque " (Cormain -The Bounza) 2001, on EDEL " Ibiza Essential House Party (Cormain - EL SOL) 2001, on Sonido Denso " Relahouse in IBIZA (Cormain -The Bounza and Cormain- EL SOL) 2001, on Vendetta Records â€" Eibi-Si' House Vol.3 (Cormain-The Bounza) 2002. In 2003 Marco, with his friend and colleague Lino D Meglio, starts a new project called Street Walker. It is great to start with one of the most beautiful male voices of the house music, the voice of Keith Thompson. Following on Alpha Records they have a remix of a song, "The Beat", which leads them to reach places of excellence in the world rankings. On Crowd Limited Marco Corvino and Lino D Meglio create the Daddys Groove project, whose first release is entitled Tribute . On Beside Records is released a soulful project, called Rise & Duck - Chocolate, whose versions are treated by the nearly consolidated duo production Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio. In 2005 in Naples, along with Antonio Fresa, creates The Op, a school for dj, point of reference for many young people who want to approach this profession. In 2006, on Tonik records, Corvino Traxx & Lino D Meglio present Contrast EP. During the Miami WMC 06 is presented Corvino Traxx - Everyday that is realising on SoulGroove Records with Net's Work International - Dynamicode - Sun City (Frank Corvino Traxx feat Frank Iengo). That same year, on Universal Music, is realized Daddy's Groove - Rendez Vous, composition licensed on numerous compilations in Italy as Striscia la Compilation, Hot Party, Hot Dance Mania, in the world as Universal Music Dance Compilation. In this period Marco works also in the movie environment participating to the creation of many soundtracks as La leggenda del principe di San Severo , a Rai trade cartoon, soundtracks of social background short films, as Napoli @ 1 e Napoli @ 2 . In the same year, he also participates to the dvd soundtracks concerning the Moto Cross Italian Championship. In 2007 Marco became A & R of a new label called Transalp Records and distributed worldwide on Vinyl by Lavel One. The first release is a project named Detail - Be My Self, the second release is Unknown Feat Robert Owens - Come Together. In April of that year it is realised Xploid rec Good of Us - Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio rmx. In 2008, on Solar Recording Digital, Lino "D" Meglio & Corvino Traxx present “Minot Alia†E.P. With the digital label Groove Sense recording they present Feel Like - Shanghai, on Iberican Recording Digital Lino & Corvino present Odds & Sods EP. On Stereo Production they remix Dj Koutaroua - Reaction - Lino & Corvino Rmx. In the same year Marco Corvino played at ADE 08 , Amsterdam Dance Event. Marco currently works as art director on a new project called Sonorika Sunday Aperitif, a traveling tour in eight and sixteen clubs DJ's, all with the support of the well known musical .. portal. Marco continues to teach at the Op and is also engaged in the production of his first LP which should be ready for next year, will be called: "IN MY LIFE.""-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- China Bio: 自1985年以来 Marco Corvino 已经在许多意大利广播节目开始了DJ的工作,包括一些意大利最 有名的如Radio Orion 2,Rare Grooves, Rec & Play, Mix in Time, "Mastermix" 由Radio Italia Network, Radio Marte Stereo, Radio Club 91 。 在1990年,他开始与 Angels Of Love House筹办音乐活动的组合合作。 与 Angels Of Love组合, Marco合作了9年,连同所有的最好世界舞蹈全景的音乐家。当时他在 美国(迈阿密),法国,德国,英格兰,荷兰国表演过。 早在'90年代 Marco与录音室开始了他第一次的音乐制作,并在1995年他和Marco Carol a 的合作推出了有UMM唱牌的第一张 DJ 唱片, 里面的"Do n ' t U Kn ow" 是Marco 个人创作的单曲。 在1996年,他在M.A.W唱牌上创作了"Primo"的单曲, 在那里Corvino变成了"Corvino Traxx"的艺名,用于他和Masters At Work的合作。 在1997年他制作了"Neapolis" 的单曲, Dino 和Terry在加拿大唱牌注册Vinyl Peace唱牌。 同年,Marco Corvino与Furriello Bros合作组成了Java Brothers,制作了Dixie Jox & D Min o r 一个音乐的混音出现在AOL唱牌上 , 并用S t e f a n o Mi e l e 的版本在P l anet 唱牌上创作了一个音乐混音命名"Lovin' You"。 在1999年在Test唱牌上创作了"EL Sol" 的单曲。同一年Marco用Dual Key的艺名(Marco Corvin o 和Ma u r i z i o B - F l a t ) 创作了" O n e D a y I n R i o " 的单曲, 被世界House 音乐场景欣赏,特别被Tony Humphries赞赏,他发觉这首歌"One Day In Rio",然后在美国 Sound On Wax唱牌上发行,让这首歌在世界上流行。 Marco和许多著名的歌手合作,命名其中一些,Mika Clausell, Gerideau, Brian Chambell, Simon Cooper, Marcello Coleman 和 Keith Thompson,他的录音室制作的经验逐渐成熟。 在不同的风格Marco与这些音乐家制作了许多音乐舞曲,从舞蹈音乐到chill-out音乐,从 hip hop 音乐到 fusion 音乐和R'N'B音乐。 在Zer081录音室创造了几种音乐,其中"Surfers"创作,在Undiscovered唱牌上出现,后来由 Virgin唱牌发行的。"Surfers"的音乐项目排列从古典的House音色到bossanova,chill out,funk和soul的方面,展现这位年轻的那不勒斯音乐家热爱多方面音乐的态度。 在2003 年Zer081组合成立了一个新的唱牌,"Deck"是三位人想给这个新唱牌的名字 (DJ Marco Corvino,DJ Simi, Master Keys), 由Karma发行的。Deck成立为独立的唱牌,是想让它代 表ĐJ质量的标志。 第一个版本在Deck上是DJ Simi & Master Keys 。EP名为"What"的单曲,它已经在音乐舞曲的 世界里获得了很大的成功。在相同的唱牌Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio创作了二个版本"Is Love"的单曲。 随后,与Frank Iengo,在Net's work International上创作出了一个拉丁House音乐项目名为 "Aguadulce"。它让那不勒斯音乐家的作品得到了启发 。 在2004年,录音室的工作深化了,所以Marco决定在不同方向的更多音乐继续前进:在Crowd Limited 上取名为 "Tribute"创作了Daddy's Groove,针对年轻音乐爱好者。 与Simi DJ 在 Deck唱牌上创作了"Everybody Rock"单曲,后来的"Who"的单曲,还是 Daddy's Groove 出 现在Crowd Limited上。 此版本一直是真正成功的唱牌,在世界各地销售5.000份以上的音乐唱片。 Marco还与意大利最著名的一些杂志合作了, 如ORBEAT,DISCOID, JAY CULTURE, TREND DAYS, TONIGHT。 由于他优秀音乐作品的成果,所以 Marco制作的音乐会增加得很快,后来他制作的音乐会被邀请 在每周周期性坎帕尼亚地区最好的酒吧。 Marco Corvino 也创作了大量的专辑:从1996年,第一张Future Traxx 的音乐专辑里(Corvino TRAXX - Don't you know 1996年)是他制作的音乐,在UMM唱牌上,第一张Masters at Work的音乐专辑里(Corvino TRAXX- Primo1997年),在Masters at Work唱牌上, Latin Track音乐专辑里(Corvino TRAXX- Primo 1998年),在Mr. Bongo 唱牌上, Curiosity latin machine音乐专辑里 (Corvino TRAXX - Primo 1998年),在BBE唱牌上,Suburbia 音乐专辑里(Marco Corvino -Neapolis 1999年),在Sony Italia唱牌上,House Station Level音乐专辑里 (Cormain - EL SOL 2000年),在Sonido Denso唱牌上, Discotheque 音乐专辑里 (Cormain -The Bounza 2001年),Ibiza Essential House Party音乐专辑里 (Cormain - EL SOL 2001年),在EDEL唱牌上,Relahouse in IBIZA音乐专辑里 (Cormain -The Bounza and Cormain - EL SOL 2001年),在Sonido Denso唱牌上,第三张Eibi -Si' House 音乐专辑里(Cormain - The Bounza 2002年),在Vendetta唱牌上。 在2 0 0 3 年M a r c o 和他的朋友还有同事L i n o " D " M eg l i o , 开始了一个新的音乐制作, 被称为S t r e e t Wa l k e r 。很高兴能开始了House 音乐的制作,Keith Thompson的声音最美丽的男性声音之一。 继在Alpha唱牌上他们制作一首单曲的混音,正因为 他们制作了音乐混音的效果 "The Beat" 从而能获得了他们在世界上最优秀音乐的地位。在 Crowd Limited 上Marco Corvino和Lino" D" Meglio创作了Daddy's Groove 的音乐项目,其第一个版本取名为"Tribute"的单曲。 在Beside唱牌上创作了一个soulful的音乐项目,被称为 Rise & Duck - Chocolate, 其版本是由两位制作人的合作Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio创作的。 2005年在那不勒斯,与Antonio Fresa,创造了The Op,一所ĐJ学校,制造了机会让很多年轻 人 可以接近这个行业。 在2006年,在Tonik唱牌上,Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio介绍了"Contrast EP"。 在迈阿密WMC的2006年提出了Corvino Traxx – Everyday 在SoulGroove唱牌上。 同年在Net's Work International唱牌上出现了Dynamicode音乐项目- Sun City 单曲 (Corvino Traxx 和 Frank Iengo)。 同一年,在国际Universal Music Dance专辑里创作了Daddy's Groove 音乐项目的 Rendez Vous单曲,这首音乐舞曲在意大利放在众多的专辑,如Striscia la Compilation, Hot Party, Hot Dance Mania。 在此期间,Marco还参加很多电影配音制作, 电影如 "La leggenda del principe di San Severo", 一个Rai trade cartoon ,有社会背景的短片电影配音,如"Napoli @ 1" 和"Napoli @ 2" 。同一年,他还参加dvd配乐,关于越野摩托车 意大利锦标赛的场景配音。 在2007年Marco成为了一个Transalp新唱牌的 A & R (管理唱牌的人),被Lavel One发行行发行 了在世界上的唱片。 第一个版本的一个音乐项目被称为 Detail - Be My Self ,第二个版本是 Feat Robert Owens - Come Together。 同一年4月,在Xploid唱牌上制作了 Good of Us单曲 - Corvino Traxx & Lino "D" Meglio 的音乐混音 。 2008年,在Solar 数字唱牌上, Lino "D" Meglio & Corvino Traxx 介绍了"Minot Alia"的音乐单曲。用数字的Groove Sense唱牌 他们介绍了Feel Like –Shanghai ,在数字的Iberican 唱牌上Lino & Corvino 介绍了"Odds & Sods"的音乐单曲。 他们在Stereo Production唱牌上的音乐混合了Dj Koutaroua 的单曲 - Reaction (Lino & Corvino Rmx)。 同一年,Marco Corvino 在 ADE 08年,流行在阿姆斯特丹音乐舞曲上。 最近Marco管理了一种新的音乐项目称为Sonorika Sunday Aperitif, 旅行在8个意大利俱乐 部。 HYPERLINK "" www.sonorika.com网站一直支持了艺术方面的 Marco音乐项目。 Marco 继续在The Op学校任教,也是从事他的第一个LP的制作,为明年做准备,将被称为: "IN MY LIFE"。