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He was always a Black Sheep growing up, not falling into the social norm. He found a intense love for music and nature. Inspired by music from the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and other JRPG games, he found himself soon playing any instrument he could get his hands on and by age fifteen he was making beats and freestyle rapping. Money was always tight so anything was a blessing to him. After years of doing what teens do, he began making beats under the alias PsyOptic which had landed him millions of plays on older social platforms, soon after he started writing raps and released two heavily political/controversial rap albums under the alias "Sacred Age". In and out of bad relationships & between metal bands as a guitarist and vocalist, he moved to Arizona where he was basically left for dead by the band he was touring with. They stole everything he had and left him over two thousand dollars in debt for hotel damages. He was wandering, lost, a hundred miles from home which lead him to becoming a Shaolin Monk via a store owner who fed, clothed and trained him in exchange for work, which later evolved into him becoming a Bodhisattva because of his profound love for nature and the will to save those who suffer and was given the name 英雄由星星组成 Yingxiong You Xingxing Zu Cheng (Hero made of/from the stars) which was simplified into 禅星行者 Chán xīng xíngzhě (Zen Starwalker). He soon left the temple and moved back to his town of birth. He tried everything he could to save people when he then realized music could do more on a global scale then he could in physical terms. He soon found himself at a Hindu Temple studying the Veda's which perfectly meshed with his Buddhist beliefs. This is where Space N Veda was born. The hero of the stars and the his knowledge of the Veda's came together as one. He then recorded his 3rd rap album inside the temples Deity room in front of Trimurti and Tridevi. Clashing his dark past with his bright present into a work of mastery which was released 12/12/2012 and titled "2012". He then met a girl who he thought was a angel but turned out to be a devil in disguise. For five years he struggled to save her but nothing worked. The abuse and toxicity broke his spirit. He spent most of his time making beats in the hip hop and edm genre's which wouldn't be released until 2017. In September 2016 once he finally got away from her. He changed his rap alias to $pirit $cientist and started working on his 4th rap album titled "Wake up" which he produced most of the instrumentals for. It was the story of his life from darkness to light back to darkness to light. He had developed extreme depression, anxiety and disgust for humanity by this point, while still loving nature and training, meditating and studying to ease the doubt in himself and spent several months in and out of bad relationships, terrible living situations and a general disregard for his own life while postponing his album and burning all his bridges in the music industry. Then he met a true angel. A very talented singer and EDM artist by the name of Rebel Soscha. He had known her for years but never met her until this point early 2017. It was true love, a wild and carefree girl with a humbled and grounded boy. It was truly something you'd see in a movie. She inspired him to keep going and to live life to the fullest so he released his Wake Up album as well as a best of Mixtape called "Sticky Minaj", and all of the beats he had worked on for years. Together they founded Star Warrior Records and signed themselves and a few close friends to the label. They got engaged but a few years down the road they found their paths going separate ways. They split up and put Star Warrior Records to rest. In early 2019 Zen took the "Artists First" aspect of SWR and created Zentopia Records ( He is now Living well and making more music than he can contain. He found his love for music all over again through her and is now releasing his 6th album called "Sheep In Wolves Clothing" which he produced 95% of the beats himself and tells his entire lifes story up to this point and is already working on his 7th album which will be a big change in style to meet the demand of the market, title still pending. He makes new beats every day and posts them all over social media. His life has seen the good and the bad but now in this time its only good from here on. He loves you all.
Space N Veda

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