Archetypal rhythms, otherworldly melodies, and galaxies of possibility converge in Pandhora, a solarpunk-inspired, electronic music project whose France-based founders, Amine Amara and Rémi Forsan, seek community over accolades and wonder over predictability. Disenchanted with the confines of the corporate world, the duo left their respective engineering jobs in 2015 to embark on a sonic quest. Fusing psychedelia and electronica with moods of melancholia, mystery, and bliss, they began to craft in music their vision for personal and collective empowerment: the curation of dreams, the embrace of freedom, and reverence for the Earth. Pandhora is not just a funky rave machine. It’s a fluid community of sonically-inspired souls on a quest for the authentic self, positive change, and sustainable living amid a soundscape of rhythm and light. The band’s emphasis on instrumental improvisation and

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