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“Never give up on your dream.” That is what most parents tell their children. These days as sad as it is, reality strikes and it isn’t always that easy...even for us. We are Narga & Bryski. We are an uncle/nephew team that grew out of CT & NY with a passion for music like no other. Through personal hardships and many times economic struggle, we managed to keep fighting and continue doing what we love, even if it wasn’t the “smart” choice to some.“The pair of us got into the music in the same way, although it happened at two completely different times.” -N&BBryski – It all started when I heard a freestyle mix- tape for the first time in 1988. After hearing a few mix-tapes, it was the moment I realized I wanted to mix music, but in my own way. I eventually met a DJ while riding BMX bikes in the Bronx, and he invited me to check out his equipment. The first thing he said was “Buy cheap stuff, it’s an expensive hobby so incase you don’t like it, you won’t waste your money.” (Which didn’t happen). After buying belt driven turntables and a mixer made of 50% wood, I thought I was in heaven. This was my start of my journey into the world of DJ’ing. In order to get a steady flow of new records, I would use my daily $5 for lunch money to buy records. Instead of having a normal meal, I was more than happy settling with a donut and juice with fresh vinyl in my backpack. After a few years I began to upgrade my equipment and take it more seriously than I had before. My first gig was a friend’s going away party at his was a disaster. By 7AM there was a half an inch of liquor all over the living room floor. There were guys and girls passed out all over the place in the most random positions (wish I had pictures). By this time, I had to lift my records onto chairs so that they wouldn’t get ruined. This was still my craziest party to date.Years passed and I started experimenting with different genres of music. This is the time I began to have interest in production as well. Shortly after, I began to build a studio with childhood friend; Mario C It took us six years to build what is now known today as Red Sound Studio. Red Sound Studio is now operated by Mario C., Pompeo Messano, Narga, and myself. (This part will continue in Narga’s bio)Time went on and with that, the music scene changed. In the freestyle world I am told I’m remembered for my “Bits ‘N Pieces” volumes, DJ & Co-Host position on the BnB Show, DJ & Host on the legendary New York City Underground Internet Radio Show (which featured a wide array of well known NYC DJ’s), and the mixing skills that only come so often. These days, my focus is just like Narga’s, leaving our mark in the EDM scene by any means.Narga - I began to DJ at age 15. One day I visited Bryski and curiosity struck. I heard loud music throughout the house and I had to follow the music. It led into Bryski’s garage full of equipment and there he was spinning on three turntables. I was immediately fascinated with the idea of how it all worked and how the music blended together. Without saying a word, I went home and begged my parents for an early birthday gift. At the time, record stores were full of hip-hop so I thought thats what I would be spinning. But, while driving with my cousin after finishing a construction job together, he played house music during the ride home. The second I heard it, I knew it was what I had to have. He let me borrow a few CD’s and I would listen over and over. Shortly after, my parents finally gave in and bought my first piece of gear for my birthday. It was a dual CD player that would constantly malfunction and never actually work the way it was supposed to. I thought I was doing great until my mother told Bryski I had started to DJ. He was angry at me for not telling him prior. Knowing this, he drove over and took a look at the equipment. After laughing for what seemed like forever, he looked at me and said “I thought my first setup was bad.” He walked me to his car and popped the trunk (ahhhhh a shining ray of light appeared). He passed on his CD deck to me not knowing if I would be DJ’ing for long.After that all I would look forward to was getting home from class and spending hours trying new techniques and learning. One year passed and I was hired for my first real gig in CT. It was a Halloween party at a packed bar of 150 people. I was extremely nervous since I would be without a doubt the youngest person there and wasn’t sure if the crowd would take me seriously. The first 10 minutes were the scariest moments in my music career, but once everyone started to dance, it felt natural. I was routinely booked at the bar afterwards and eventually managed to book other places from then on. Before turning 17 I began to shift my interest from DJ’ing to producing. I started on a very basic demo version of software and eventually grew into much more professional software and hardware. After saving enough money, I started building my own studio and it has been dramatically upgraded over the years.(Continuation from Bryski’s bio)We both began to produce together in late 2009 and quickly realized that we were at a crossroad. We could make the music, but there wasn’t much we could do with it unless we were signed to a label. Knowing this, we did not feel comfortable with the idea of needing “approval” from a label to be released. We wanted maximum control on how we wanted it to sound. This thinking led to the beginning of Hestia Records in 2011. We strictly focused on producing/engineering/developing artists. After working with artist after artist, time went by and we realized we had stopped doing what we loved. There was a big part of us missing in our own work. We finally decided it was time for us to get back into what we love by DJ’ing and producing our own tracks as artists.
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