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Originally from Andorra, John, a passionate electronic music enthusiast, began his career at 17 in local clubs. With over 10 years of experience, he holds residencies at Eivissa Experience, the Iqos Terrace, and Fat Albert's. In Andorra, he draws electronic music fans to events like Eivissa Experience & Black Thursdays by Black Andorra. He's performed at local festivals and numerous clubs. Beyond Andorra, he's played at festivals and clubs in France and Spain. He's also a music producer, with his label Black In Black Records in 2023. His versatility spans genres like Deep House and Techno Industrial. He's shared stages with prominent artists from the global scene. Moreover, he blends electronic music with instruments and vocalists, creating unique experiences. John Holt, also known as Joan Holthoefer Pérez, resumed his music

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