David Lana

I started my DJ career with vinyls in Rome, I have always loved these genres: House, Soul, Blues, Pop, Techno. I have always been convinced that music is music. For every moment there can be a part of your day that the description, in which you dream and are transported elsewhere where you don't even know. I have participated in various events and collaborated on remixes including: El Brujo, Ricky Sinz, MoBlack, Mike Anderson, Mike & Rob, Jeffery Stephan and many more Some Labels: Jambalay Recordings, Elektrax Recordings, Trench; Oxytech, Subwoofer Records, Frame Workxx Records and soon with Kactive Records. I follow practically everything that is music with great respect for the new and the old. I produce under various names: "Pierdavide Laganà": My real name (General) "David Lana" (Mainly Techno & Tech House) "Dave Lake" (Coming Soon House Only) "Chicago

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