Bongo & Pusk

Sent from a distant future on the brink of collapse, Bongo & Pusk are here to dissect modern rave culture and find the essence at its core. An alternative version of The Philosophers Stone known to the children of tomorrow as The Ravers Rock. Without it, humankind is destined to a future deprived of kindness, tolerance and laughter. A future where people have no connection to each other, themselves and the planet they inhabit. Bound as slaves to the Hamster Wheel of Eternity. Their mission started with wax, plastic and cracked code on old machines. Back in the late 90’s they were just teenagers with a shared passion for rave music, but turning 1’s and 0’s into vibrating air quickly became their focus. Now they operate from their studio in Copenhagen - an inter-dimensional vessel, where folding waves and time with

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