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Memorial Day Lounge, Vol. 1
United Sound Of America, The Sura Quintet, Cell Tix, Ralf Rondell & Friends, Pheno-men, Lounge oo Lounge, Mandala Fields, David Intrator, Ronald Boreas, The Surflounge Gang, Bermuda Twins, La Mash, Tranquilo, Roxano de Santiago, Monroe Days, Silk Grooves, Jess & Jess, Ku You, Slow Swing, Chillo, Aqua Mundi, The Jazzguys, Sofabroken, Avril Stevens, Bikini Beats, Philip Aniskin, Alexsandra Mell, Mode 8, Brenda Lost, Vinito, Lafoliedamour, G-Bakamela, Music Paradise, Eddy Chrome, Aida Moniz, Amitola, The Magical Corner, Dr. Yow Yow, Rashan, Alwan, Pyro Pyro, DJ Sakin, Armando Trovajoli, John Soultek, Invisible Tune, Blue Wave, Sky And Sand, No Panties Allowed, Loungeworx, Baghira, Diario, Electric Moods, Cesar Martinez Ensemble, Rey Salinero, Pearls Of Ibiza, Miraflores, Michael E, Michael Vitoria, Klariion, Schwarz & Funk, Sunny Bay, Downbeat Crackz, Blue Horizon, D Project, Rock-Candy, 8 Bit, Coffe & Cigarette, Luigi, Riccardo, DJ Hot Hands, Novo Som, Dj Kama, Junior D, P&P, Sweet Pepper, Diego Polimeno, Chill Ind, G Fox, Chill Groovers, Champion Beans, Francesco Demegni, Chill House Factor, Holographic Dissolve, Pater Rob, Love Pacific Industries, Tilo Klas, Aatoo Cito, Fred Henderson, Ajc, Ladale, Quincy-co, Miguel Lando, Esteban Garcia, Subworks, Alex Nöthlich, Fred Del Mar, Coco Basel, Odyssey, Trillian, City Capture, Cut 'n' Glue, Maya, Oscar Salguero, Prohibisound, Inusa Dawuda, STJ, Maureen Sky Jones, Loungeside, Matthias Schenk
Salon Lounge Recordings