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 - Hector Couto


Hector Couto is a clear example that talent and youth can go hand in hand. Has earned the respect of the international electronic scene in record time and the best example of this was to be on Resident Advisors TOP 100 most charted Artistsof 2011 and 2012.Couto’s sound has not stopped evolving and growing over his short but successful career, maintaining his personal and unmistakable Groove as defined on the dance floor by producing Elegant tracks with energetic and sharp bass lines! He has worked for labels such as VIVA MUSIC, NOIR MUSIC, AREA REMOT E, OFF RECORDINGS, HOTCREAT IONS,GET PHYSICAL, and of coursefor his own label PURA MUSIC, which like his career have kept an ascending line. Examples of how success is not achieved by chance.Hectors skills as a DJ also never go unnoticed with his way of giving each room great passion, vibe and positive energy that always captivates dance floors, making this artist something worth listening to! Couto has rocked club patrons with his sets in some of the world’s top venue’sIn the past 3 years of career Couto has not stopped receivingrecognition and praise from the international electronic scene and has had many of his tracks placed in the top of the charts with amazing ease.