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 - Rave Inn Selection

SCALONI - RAVE INN [S2 Records - S2R080]

Switzerland's internationally known Artist/Producer/DJ/Womanizer/CDcompiler/WhiskeyColaLover/RadioMixer/Promoter name it... returns to his homebase S2 Records with a massive bigroom club rave bomb.

Returning from his native home in sunny Spain, Swiss based Alejandro Torres aka Scaloni DJ is ending the year with a bang presenting this pre-x-mas gift-package that includes two massive remixes provided by Swiss newcomer 'Eddie Prise' and the French duo 'KitSch 2.0'. Both, the Original as well as the Eddie Prise Remix are driving straight forward club anthems with a twist of hands-in-the-air. 'KitSch 2.0' revamp the original into a dubsteppy Progressive House experience with broken and chopped up beats to go ballistic on dancefloors.

Turn On, Rave Inn and Cop Out.

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