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 - Perfect Specimen Project

Perfect Specimen Project AKA Paulo Ivo Furtado, Dj graduated the nucleus Zonavibe (Fortaleza-Ce) in 2009. Always in constant research work, in pursuit of perfection techniques and mixes, has the main feature in Their presentations, Progressive aggressive marked by lysergic psychedelic, and heavy grooves.,with high quality and strong Influences of psychedellic Progressive Trance / Tech / Dubstep. Lover of the Night Full On / Groove,Aspect that made he fall in love by the universe of E-Music,What does constant figure in the biggest festivals of Fortaleza and the northeastern Brazilian. In 2010,Give emphasis to Progressive Psychedelic Trance, with strong Influence of projects Already established as: Hi - Profile, Analog Drink, Neuropipes, Protoactive, Protonica, Zyce, Flegma, Rocky, Kinix, Ojos, E-cliptic, Vortex, Tegma, Tetrameth, Ovinimoon, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Liquid Space, Funky Dragon, Fehja, Ritmo, Suntree, Erotic Drem and Other . Today is dedicated to the study of music production, Aiming to find a unique sound, unique, hybrid, An atmosphere of rhythm, strength and lisergia, psycodellia, energy, and progressiveness agressivade. Perfect Specimen Project has shared stage with big names in Trance National and World, such as E-Jeckt, Ekanta, Neuropipes, Earthspace, Anginha, Low Resolution, Two Faces, Kronic, Mental Brod Cats, Twenty Eight, Shove, Pedrão, Shekinna, Mind Paradise, and Other .