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Peer Van Mladen (or NEEP/PEER) is a Global-Tekkno/House-Deejay from Belgrade/Serbia who played regular on many radios and clubs worldwide. Our NEEP/PEER is one of most popular and one of the best club and radio deejays of serbia (former Yugoslavia). 2010, he was not selected without any reason, from over 350,000 deejays in 14th place of the world. And so he was officially top 20 Deejay of the World 2010/2011. In addition, he has one of the world's biggest Eletronic radio-shows which can be heard weekly on over 75 radio stations in 24 countries. Among other things, ParisONE, BSP, Peja-FM and Uzic etc. which of course also greatly contributes his international popularity. His home base changes between Belgrade, Munich, Madrid, but the most of his time he lives in Belgrade/Serbia. His first vinyl release was 2006 at one of many Labels of the PR-Group Germany (Reja Records "Title CLUB MED). But this time is Neeps careers focus more on the deejaying for clubs and radios, our Neep was played last year 2011 in more than 20 countries and i think Neep is 2011 the deejay with the most stamps in his passport of all serbian house-tekkno deejays. Finally: Neep was stading his professional deejaying 7 years ago in a small bar in Belgrade with 20 guests and 2 dogs.