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 - Wouter de Witte


Wouter de Witte (a.k.a. Maligne) is a true techno head. With more than a decade of experience behind the decks, he gets the crowd dancing every time whether he is playing techno, hard techno or techhouse. Traveling from one (underground) party to another and playing on internet radio shows he obtained and developed the skills needed for selecting tracks, fusing them together and delivering the whole to the dance floor.With a true DIY attitude he follows his passion for music into the corners of the electronic music business.Momentvm Records is his own label. A digital techno label aspiring to release a wide range of techno with a main focus on pumping, dark and heavy.With this imprint he wants to give himself an outlet for his musical creativity as well as inviting upcoming likeminded producers and more established producers. The ultimate objective is to release quality tracks that make Mometvm Records a label to follow.