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 - Virax Aka Viperab


Dj / Producer & Radio broadcaster , born in 1983 Albacete ( Spain ) .It began in the deejay world just 11 years ( giving himself more and more to the music) began to poducir his own music in 2004 and to date continues to produce in his personal studio in Albacete ( Spain ) .He has published several works with Green Nights Records Molacacho Friky Records Bear Records respectively besides collaboration with several artists such as Maya Morena , Gabri Gomez , Cyrus , Ismael Rodriguez ...In addition to working as an announcer at Station Monkeys ( SMRadio ) has played in various venues , private events and concentrations of Dj's in Albacete , Cuenca , Alicante , Castellón ... all within Spain .Sub - national Contest Champion MoreMusic ( Zaragoza , Spain ) and 3rd in the national competition XdbX (Granada , Spain ) . In this way just wait amuse , convey them while dreaming of the same way as he does with the rhythms and music that is experiencing and adding to his large repertoire of music production xD .