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 - Valentino Guerriero


Valentino Guerriero is another Italian talent. He is very eclectic, making his own tracks with a good original 'touch', the music is his life style.Grown up with a wide sensibility to sounds of all kinds, today Valentino infuses his memories to every music production.His carrier as producer is fullfilled in 2010, the sound comes from a deep groove and it evolves thanks to tech and tribal influences, while keeping house inspiration as its main element.Supported by artists like Oliver Koletzki, Mark Knight,ATFC, Marco Carola, The Mekanism, SIS, Gel Abril, Francesco Farfa, Miguel Garji, Jim Ryan, Matthias Menck, Souldynamic & many others.The main strength of Valentino Guerriero is the continuous research and experimentation of sounds and effects able to impress and be right!