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V-Gub was born in 1983. At age 18, began to make the first steps towards the creation of music and try yourself as a DJ, in 2003 with KENT G. & Pat Boole organized the project «Gebe». Later established DJ- projects «WandS» and «Gub Gebe», and then began a solo career, which to date has been more than 6 years. V-Gub has recorded more than 3 albums, but did not release them, and to realize themselves as a live- performer. About a dozen radar mixes and CD, radio performances and tours. To date does not want to release the tracks that played before and have played many other DJs, and he fears that today they are a bit lost in the urgency and need serious revision and refinement.Today, in addition to DJing V-Gub deals Hydrophysics seas and oceans, as well as graphic design and mastering music is yet another tech-project, and trying to get a new sound.