Key Commands
 - Unders


Over the years Duncan Meulema aka unders has made quite a few friendsin the Dutch dance scene... By bringing artists such as Booka ShadeMinilogue, Locodice and Trentemoller to a variety of his early events ,unders got the promoting bug and and started pushing parties & labelnights for the likes of Circoloco, Dirtybird, Cadenza, SupplementFacts, Connaisseur and many others. Creating a platform for bothhimself and some his his favorite artists to come play. These partiesand his smooth & unique dj sets quickly put him on the map and led himto his new job @ Studio 80. One of the wildest & most undergroundplaces in the heart of Amsterdam, with an outstanding taste for bothmusic & quality. Learning more about the scene, the music and the talent out there, producing his own music asked for more and more of his attention over the years, which meant less promoting.His first release on Kisu Recordings with remixes by Stimming andChuckie was picked up fast by Karotte and directly compiled on hisKarotte's Kitchen Volume 3! The support from Karotte has been comingever since with his massive support on the SPIDERPIG bootleg whichexploded in every one of his 2010 sets.A release on Sound Architecture and 90 Watts followed together withremixes by Alejandro Vivanco & Nuno Dos Santos, a release on Bla Blaand RSL. On the agenda are releases on Team records, Klopfgeis t,Outland Recordings and Edu Imbernon's Eklektisch label. Much more newmaterial is on the way or is being pitched by labels.