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 - Trigger N' Slide


Trigger N’ Slide is an artist who can never be pinned down, no matter the timeframe or time signature. He is a born & raised artist from Piraeus, Greece and his Productions and DJ sets breed a rare feel of mystique and discovery. "I'm really into finding a line between analog and digital sounds, plus i’m travelling inside the electronica genres with my mind focused on House. My influences come from a life spent on various music genres and difficult times, which plays a huge role in the way that i connect with music." Vocals are playing a huge part in Trigger N’ Slide’s productions as long as there is something that needs to be said. Basically the main thing is the Bass that he trusts on and usually drops it on the break. Groove is the main thing here and a pleasant journey through music is his gold. “I usually write the lyrics too and the only thing that remains consistent is the element of surprise in my productions”.