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 - Toru S.


Toru S. is a hot and fancy Japanese producer, remixer anddj of HOUSE MUSIC. Toru S. has been producing andreleasing more than 1200 tracks under the names of"Moccohaus","Moccokaos","UN 8","MIke Morenz","AlexMoma" ,“Red Fanta”,”Gold Fanta”,"Magic Cucumbers","TonyVan Kamono",“Un 7” and "J5 Eaters" teamed up with TomStephan.Toru has released more than 50 titles of 12”singles from hisown label Philosomatik Records and other labels like Star69,Junior Boy’s Own and Chumbo Mundo. Toru’s works aredeep, sexy ,tech, dark, tribal and very easily recognized asToru S' sound, which are so effective on the floor that theyhave been played by big name Djs like Tony Humphries, JoeClaussell, X-press 2, Smokin’ Jo, Pete Heller & Terry Farley,Paul Van Dyke, Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhofer, DannyTenaglia and Junior Vasquez. Toru S. tracks were fiercelyfeatured in the mix CDs like "Live @ Roxy" mixed by PeterRuahofer (Star 69 Records) and "Lights Out Vol.2" mixed bySteve Lawler (Global Underground)…etc.Toru S. is also well known for a big lover of Platypus - themost primitive animal still surviving only in Australia..