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 - Tomo Hirata


TOMO HIRATATomo Hirata is the pioneer of EDM movement in Japan acts as DJ at his residential party "EDM States" at the biggest Japanese club "ageHa" and residential mix-show of an internet radio program on "" every 2 weeks as well as doing mix CD compilation 『Electronic Dance Madness 』(EMI Music Japan) series.Since '90s, TOMO HIRATA's introduced a real club / dance music scene from UK/EUROPE/USA at the beginning of Japanese music market and his DJ carrier is as following;- Organizing & residential DJ of 90's massive party "Club VENUS" & "X-TRA" inviting UNDERWORLD, CHEMICAl BROTHERS, FATBOY SLIM...etc.Main act of music festivals of "RAINBOW 2000", "Electraglide"...etc.At the same time, he produced his own music for real underground music ~ O.S.T. and main theme of World Famous Japanese Horror Movie “RING” as well as remixing of Japanese famous pop singers & musicians as a creator. In 2010, he supported to launch a digital label "LDK (LOUD DIGITALKITCHEN)" with Japanese most popular DJ / PRODUCER " SHINICHI OSAWA (p.k.a. MONDO GROSSO)" and they produced and created big hit tunes together.