Key Commands
 - Tino Kluge


Electronic beats fascinate Tino Kluge, since he heard U96 – „The boat“ during young years for the first time. Since the electronic Rhythm accompanies him by his life.The first walking attempts took place in the Amiga computer. Disks instead of hard disk...this were still times. Then the first steps to became a DJ, he used a No name Mixer and two Pioneers CD Players. Hard trance was his style and feeling.Then in 2005 Tino Kluge intensely started to produce music. The first small steps were undertaken with Magix and later with Steinberg. However, the breakthrough came with the first Ableton Lite version which was enclosed to an EMU X-Board. By the Internet like-minded people were also found fast in the closer surroundings which also sat in their basements and other one, which were turning also knobs and faders.Then after the first crash landing with a too ambitious project, he reflected again on the tactics: "Few people, good sound" with till present extremely successfully run.Various appearances in regional clubs and the union with three artists who also count after the music to the firm circle of friends make possible to realise the passion for electronic music unconventionally and to supply the electronic community with creative sounds.